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  1. MrZechariah

    Oh Nice to meet you, Got some nice stacks going.
  2. MrZechariah

    IGN: Zechariah Gl everyone
  3. Sounds pretty sick, showing the donators more love.
  4. MrZechariah

    Those are some mad goals.
  5. MrZechariah

    Golden guide material? We don't have any indepth guides and the way you explained everything was extremely easy to understand and a nice voice to go with the commentary
  6. R.I.P

    Always my brother.

    Wish u never ****.

  7. MrZechariah

    Welcome back friend
  8. MrZechariah

    Gl nab
  9. MrZechariah

    Sick to see someone doing logs ;P Gl on the lootz
  10. MrZechariah

    Oh I get it
  11. MrZechariah

    Darker one looks way better