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  1. Hot dayum, that's looking intense! Can't wait to check it out!
  2. Searwen


    Welcome back Cue! I hope you'll have a lovely stay again!
  3. Although I appreciate the reply, it still doesn't fully answer the question wether the forums will still be eligible for placing a support ticket..
  4. New episode tomorrow 😎 Anyways, let's not try to spoil the series for anyone else
  5. What if people don't want to download Discord for support tickets? Will there still be the option of filling in support tickets towards the forums, or is it really going to be limited to Discord?
  6. Is this a legend I c 😳

    1. Searwen



  7. Hello Seb! Welcome back to Dreamscape and it's forums, it's always nice to see old friends return! I hope you'll enjoy the new content on Dreamscape, alot has changed since 2016. Hope to see you around on the forums and ingame!
  8. SAL-U-TATIONS fellow RWBY fan! Season 7 appears to be pretty okay so far (I've watched up to episode 4). The questionable part are definitely the haircuts they've given the crew.
  9. Is that the only reason you're welcoming me back again?
  10. Yeah, I figured it was that sparkle. I refreshed the image on my part, I suppose the link ran out.
  11. I'm going to guess it is about adding this little cosmetic sparkle? (image below) I personally wouldn't be against it, considering the effort one has to put into getting a skill to level 150. This might even attract people to do skilling more! You have my vouch.
  12. Honestly, some things in the game are ment to be a challenge and the Hell Arcade is part of that. If they keep making things easier and easier, where is the sense of achievement by completing them?
  13. It's lovely to see the dedication towards the community. Honestly, I would love to see more quests ingame, as they provide us with a distraction from PvM-ing and Gambling. Heck, I'm sure there are some great talented writers within the community aswell! Would love to see a quest writing competition! Keep up the good work, staffteam! #DSGang
  14. Hello everyone, Some of you may remember me, some of you may not. To everyone who doesn't, Hi, my name is Searwen, I used to be a massive forum's addict (and secretly still am) I decided it was my time to start lurking around the forums again, like I used to, so long ago. I hope we'll all have a lovely time together! ♥
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