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  1. Miss you kid come back 

  2. ?

    1. Licky


      That's me leaving without you, sorry

  3. Licky

    Well now is definitely not the time to break tradition
  4. Licky

    I think you mean a year and 6 months :P Welcome back Ed, nice to see you man
  5. Licky

    Gl lovelies IGN: Licky
  6. Licky

    Woulda thought that 2 years+ was OG tbh
  7. Licky

    Here I was thinking I was OG, guess not :(
  8. Licky

    fuckin scrub
  9. Licky

    It's been a long time man... I remember you though :P
  10. Licky

    Didn't see the "you can't do that now" if you would have relogged you could have picked your pet up, honestly seeing you on this server so long I would have thought you knew how to fix such a simple bug
  11. Licky

    It's not a bug, when dying in the wilderness you lose ALL your items in your inventory, however this means that obviously you didn't have the corp pet in your inventory when you died otherwise it would have disappeared, so the fact that you lost the corp pet while it was out is a bug, but the Pikachu pet isn't relevant.
  12. Licky

    IGN: Licky Gl everyone but especially me

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