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  1. Miss you kid come back 

  2. ?

    1. Licky


      That's me leaving without you, sorry

  3. Licky

    "porn - 6" "important - porn" Absolutely loving it Ed
  4. Licky

    You're welcome
  5. Licky

    Well now is definitely not the time to break tradition
  6. Licky

    I think you mean a year and 6 months :P Welcome back Ed, nice to see you man
  7. Sifting through this thread. This suggestion is the one I support the most. Back when I was staff castle wars was so active and all it took were one or two members that constantly advertised it and made sure there were games running. A big problem with castle wars right now is that it used to be good money/hr now it's not so and on top of that, the games always last 12 minutes which IMO is way too long, I think there should be a point cap of 3 (for each team) or the game's should be reduced to 5 minutes, this way games can run a lot faster and people will be able to look at it as a viable money making method
  8. NAME/IN-GAME NAME: Snowy owl AGE: 18 TIME PLAYED IN GAME: About 45 days HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF BENEFITING #BOBSPLAN: I'm awesome as shit ROUGH BANK ESTIMATE: 100Q+ DO YOU SEE YOURSELF FITTING IN WITH THE MOST EXECUTIVE CLAN MOVEMENT ON DREAMSCAPE?: Does the executive clan find itself fitting in with the executives on Dreamscape?
  9. Licky

    Gl lovelies IGN: Licky
  10. Licky

    Woulda thought that 2 years+ was OG tbh
  11. Licky

    Here I was thinking I was OG, guess not :(
  12. Licky

    I literally have never wasted 32 seconds more in my lifetime, and I'm taking the time to type this comment and I've even seen a logan paul video before...

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