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  1. Hey fam, Havent been on in about 5 years lol hope all is well for everyone

    1. Giggle Bush

      Giggle Bush

      Bro. Same here lmfao. On and off, but mostly off.

  2. Be on later tonight... about 10pm Eastern time. working a double shift today ):
  3. Havent been on in soooo long! 13 months ago i started playing
    1. Reavers


      Good to have you back!
  4. Love all of you guys.
  5. Congrats sneaker! Glad you made the rank! :)
  6. Hey Hey be online in a minute!
    1. Wowz


      Lol? different timezones? never seen you online either
    2. burnd


      All day?? All 2 mins while I was having dinner sneaker ;-)
    3. L S D

      L S D

      i sometimes play in you timezone and I've never seen you online
  7. I am very impressed [member=jvm] . Keep up the good work! You have done so much for the server in the short period of time you have been here. Hope you stay for a long long time! :)
  8. Happy new year everyone! :D you are all awesome. Hope you stick with your new years resolution! :)
    1. Skillgod


      u2 mate, hope you had a good one!
  9. Love the work [member=jvm] you are a big help!
  10. I am so thankful to be apart of the server ! :)
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