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  1. Goofy Goober

    Bro these are sick! Awesome work
  2. Goofy Goober

    Honest opinion of torrent. Man needs to be on the TV show,"hoarders buried alive". With how his bank must be looking.
  3. Goofy Goober

  4. Goofy Goober

    There you go Torrent you are the definition of a hoarder, not quite a collector because nothing specific. But a hoarder none the less.
  5. Goofy Goober

    151k kills damn that grind good job my man
  6. Goofy Goober

    Welcome and thank you for unlocking my account the other day much love ❤️
  7. Goofy Goober

    Thanks man I will have to take a look! I am also looking for suggestions on items to hoard! Please make sure they are stack-able 😮 Also tradeable! Thanks bois, Goofy
  8. Goofy Goober

    wow you trying to snipe my victory torrent i see you
  9. Goofy Goober

  10. Goofy Goober

    Hey Guys, I was curious if anyone has a cool collection or is hoarding any items. I am going to start collecting items and just want to see what everyone else is doing! Also wondering if there is a secret part of the community thats into this! I would love to get involved in this type of community, buy and sell collect-able stacks of items etc. Thank you! Your Boi, Goofy Goober
  11. Goofy Goober

    dang sexy deals, i am sure we will see quite a few of those over the next week!
  12. Goofy Goober

    This would be awesome! Would help new players and players that have never the game mode. Would potentially draw more people to it to! Goofy Goober
  13. Goofy Goober

    Dang this is awesome! I even learned something from this! Thanks man! Goofy Goober
  14. Goofy Goober

    Survival of the fittest
  15. Goofy Goober