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  1. Chanman

    ~Latest works~ ~Older Works~
  2. Chanman

    Done, and great questions! I would love to thank all the staff members and everyone in this community personally for just being overall FANTASTIC!
  3. Chanman

    Nice and Simple, always make the best sigs!
  4. Chanman

    Signature: Avatar:
  5. Chanman

    Looks very nice!
  6. Chanman

    Signature: [attachment=420:Pluto.png] avatar:[attachment=421:pluto ava.png]
  7. Chanman

    It's sad seeing you got, but we know you will come back, they always do! Keep Dreamin' #DSGang
  8. Chanman

    That is amazing!!!! I must learn how!
  9. Chanman

    Thanks :D
  10. Chanman

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I will keep trying to improve and see what comes from all of it!
  11. Chanman

    That basically sums up my luck as well.  Nice video, and better luck next time!
  12. Chanman

    Keep us updated on the journey, I am excited to see you get to 100k and maybe keep track up to 1m NPC kills?
  13. Chanman

    Welcome to the Phoenix Pet entourage. We are glad to have you as part of the community, and may the RNG gods bless your bank.