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  1. Chanman

    Can't wait to see what else you got coming 😄
  2. Chanman

    You do some good work 😄 Hope to see some more from you!
  3. Chanman

    I'm ready to see how this goes! Battle it out boys and girls!
  4. Chanman

    It has been brought to my attention that some people have been warned about "English only" in dicezone. I want to put this to rest and let all players of the community know that since we are an international player base, all languages are allowed in the dicezone. This is to make it easier for all players to communicate, if they speak the same language. If you have received a warning for this, consider it redacted (taken back). Keep in mind this still has the same effect as using profanity in English, if you are using profanity in another language, we will act on it and you will receive the same consequence. Dice responsibly! -Chan
  5. Chanman

    Welcome back!
  6. Chanman

    Welcome! And enjoy your stay, can’t wait to see you in game!
  7. Chanman

    Like I stated, there is no reason to ban it from wildy, as there are more op items that can be taken, but the issue is that, you can use certain items in the wildy to kill people. so some customs should be made to use in the wildy, to balance out and make it where you can kill people in the wildy using custom items.
  8. Chanman

    I don't see an issue with it, as the only place people go in wildy is REVS and you dont lose anything on death, so no need to ban it from wildy.
  9. I like the work you do, very clean and well done. Huge vouch from me to give you GFX Designer
  10. Chanman

    They look pretty cool, but each rank should have a different background 😄
  11. Chanman

    Welcome to the Scavenger Skill Guide! The following will be how to gain exp (click to open table from wiki): Open mystery boxes - 100 exp Open donation boxes - 10,000 exp Use crystal key - 100 exp Open birds nests - 500 exp Open eagles nests - 500 exp Combine souls (::soulroom) - 500 exp per 200 souls Use soulroom keys - 500 exp per key Use raids key - 1000 exp per key Use slayer key - normal 250 exp - dream 5000 exp Combine fallen star wishes - 2500 exp per 20 wishes combined Clue scrolls - easy - dream - 500, 1000, 1500, 2500 Gain skilling pet - 10,000 exp Get announced drop - 10,000 exp Get announced drop from soul chest - 10,000 exp Get announced drop from donation box - 25,000 exp Vote book announced drop - 10,000 exp Open Vote books - 1000 exp Open world box - 2,500 exp Combining key fragments - 1000 exp per key Open treasure chest - 1000 exp per chest Combining armour pieces (dream etc) - 100,000 exp Upgrade chest success - easy/medium/hard/dream - 1000, 5000, 10000, 25000 Upgrade unsuccessful - easy-dream - 100, 500, 1000, 2500 Use code keys - 1000 exp per key Play battlegrounds - 1000 exp per game Win battlegrounds - 2500 exp per win Arcade - Same exp as tokens rate per waves completed Levelling skills - 99/120/150 - 1000/2500/5000 What are the benefits of this skill? Scavenger skill is an awesome and 100% custom skill that lets you earn exp and rewards while playing all our custom content! From redeeming soul room keys, to open vote books the list of ways to level up your scavenger skill are vast! The skill comes with plenty of new rewards including a brand new upgrade chest and a way to swap resources for juicy items including the Owner Cape! This skill cannot be lamped and is not required for prestiging. You gain exp by collecting and using resources around the map. What does the capes look like? Level 99: Level 150: So what is the importance of this skill? This may be your biggest question yet, and let me answer it with this. You can trade items in for resource points, then you can buy items with those points as well! The resource trade is at ::upgrade, and looks like this: Resources - Points Gained Soulflare - 2 Soulflare (u) - 4 Golden minigun - 50 Minigun - 20 Olaf helm/body/legs/cape - 5 Devious body/helm/legs - 40 Crystal helm/body/legs - 75 Am’orth helm, body. Legs - 5 Amulets yix, nam, tam - 5 Seers, Berserker, Archers boots - 50 Elemental armour - 2 Shadow Torva - 2 Collectors necklace - 4 Row I - 4 Avery Ring - 100 Avery I - 125 Khiones Staff - 150 Eternal Khiones Staff - 200 Electronic Katana - 50 Elder Wand - 1 Scroll of fire/blood/souls/luck - 50 Morphing Ring - 10 Helicopter Pet - 500 points Icy Glaive - 500 points Gumby Pet - 200 Dream mage helm, body, legs - 150 Dream (blood) helm body legs - 150 Yoda Pet - 200 Chaos Ele Pet - 3 Phoenix egging - 1 Now back to what I said about using those resource points to buy items, here are the following items that you can buy: Item - Points to Purchase Emperors Soul - 1 Youtube Staff - 1 1bil Check - 5 Jason Mask - 25 World Box - 25 Supreme T-shirt - 50 Trix orb - 150 Golf Putter - 100 Lil' zik - 100 Yeezy's - 250 Turkey Pet - 250 Wolf Cub Egg - 500 Scroll of Returning - 1500 Gant's Magnet - 1500 Lava Black Jack Table - 750 Recolor Ticket - 750 Owner cape - 5000 Baphomet's Sceptre - 5000 You can also upgrade items when you reach level milestones! Lvl 50 Donator Ticket -> super donator ticket Super Donator -> Extreme donator ticket Extreme Donator Ticket -> Sponsor Ticket lvl 60 Asiimov weapons into BFG9000 lvl 70 Aqua Spirit shield -> Space Spirit Shield Lvl 75 Blackjack Table -> Lava Black Jack Table lvl 80 Longclaw -> Icy Glaive Ultimate Dream Katana -> Icy Glaive Sword of the protectorate -> Icy Glaive lvl 90 Golden Ak47 -> AK47 Asiimov lvl 99 Upgrade Golden MG to Lava Minigun lvl 110 Upgrade glaive -> customisable glaive lvl 120 Vorago jr -> Helicopter Pet Diablo jr -> Helicopter Pet Big thanks to Woodsman223, Drax, Cylorv, and Kai Jr for the information they have already put out there, and getting me more information while making this guide! All images are from Drax's post
  12. Chanman

    Good luck to all who participate!
  13. Chanman

    Oh wow! That is some real dedication! Go for 5M Now 😄
  14. Chanman

    Congratz!!! Keep up the lootz!