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  1. Sometimes in life you realise you cannot trust or rely on anyone... keep strong and push on. It'll always get better even if it doesn't seem that way right now <3

    1. Half


      Keep you head up and remember you always have the DSGANG there to support you!

    2. Bodhi


      We got ya bby! #DSGANG

  2. Racinedionx

    what lovely words, thankyou! I love how you pm'd me to clear up the girl guy thing, don't worry easy mistake to make, glad to have such a positive, friendly, happy player back too by the way! <3
  3. Racinedionx

    I am currently around 3-4K dry, it just depends honestly on when the last drop was, I usually kill 100-200 then leave which means I'd be very lucky to actually get a drop! Keep at it and you'll get something soon!
  4. Racinedionx

    I will be totally honest, this hit me right in the feels! Comments like these are what make our staff team strive to be better, thankyou so much for such positive and nice feedback. You're a pleasure to be around as a player too, so again I thank you <3
  5. Racinedionx

    In all honesty, discord baffles me! Teamspeak is so easy to use, pretty much just click a button type click again and chill. Discord looks a lot less "professional" too in my opinion, just due to it looking "messy" where as teamspeak looks so organised and neat. Plus what unicow said, I personally came back to the teamspeak before returning. Just nice to see I can go back and everyone be there to speak to.
  6. Racinedionx

    Ahhhh so jealous of those legs, there's a certain helper here who would buy those from you ;)
  7. Racinedionx

           Chuck [Owner]    There are no words to explain this guy, first owner I've ever met that is so dedicated, caring, kind and strict when he needs to be, what an absolute diamond! it's very rare for an owner to have such an amazing bond with the community Apart from that we've had some amazing memories, from random things like tinychat with you and your bunny ears or you're silly phrases and habits, you're just so funny and great to be around and I'm glad to have met him, became friends and got to talk to such a knowledgeable, amazing person!   Zeven [Owner]    Zeven, Zeven, Zeven! My special individual, I have so many memories with you, each one amazing! from you telling me off to our silly "never have I ever" games we've played, for a co-owner you are such a chilled out, laid back, awesome person. You work so hard and as much as i think it is noticed, you don't get nearly enough credit, you're amazing zeven! I'd say keep it up, but we all know you will anyway!    Sini [Game Developer]  Siniiiii! You sir are damn amazing, literally everything you do totally blows my mind, your attention to detail is amazing and you also don't get enough credit for all the hard work you do, Keep it up and we love you!  Stuart [Web Developer]  Stuarttttttt! My tea and crumpets, cheesy chips and gravy, pot noodle friend! Every encounter with you is different, you can be serious when needed for work, joking when with friends and pretty stupid when it comes to opening mac and cheese cans ;) but you do an outstanding job, thank you for everything!           Adrianped [Server Manager]  Adrian, I always knew you'd end up high in the ranks, you definitely deserve this and more, I know how hard you work and you dedicate all your time, effort and brain power to every detail to help the server improve on a daily basis, you should be proud! you're also a fantastic person, someone we can joke with, someone we can rely on if we need to talk to you about anything, just such a great, all round, amazing guy.  Keep up the work and continue to make us proud!    Chuck [Staff Manager]  I know you are still getting round to this and as with everything, you're smashing it! I know you'll take it seriously as you do everything, so glad we have such a dedicated/caring owner & staff manager!    Licky [Community Manager]  My pizza with a knife and fork, man voice young one! As you know, from day one I've looked up to you as a staff member, you always had a drive even with people being negative towards you, nothing got in your way and look at you now, community manager, such a down to earth guy who I could chat with for hours!    Potentials [Donation Manager]  Potato chips!!! also another staff member who never ceases to amaze me, you're always so positive and joking around, I adore your determination and dedication to this server, you've been around a looong time now and still work as hard to this day, keep it up.    Cooni [Gambling/Media Manager]  Coooooniiiiii, I only recently started talking to you when I came back, but my gosh, I've been missing out, you're hilarious and just great to talk to! You work so damn hard, Gambling manager, Media manager, Newspaper team manager & dealing with donations and everything inbetween! you really are impressive, even with all this responsibility, you remain calm, chilled out &  most important of all, professional.        Qantas [In-Game Administrator]  Qantaaaaaaas, I haven't seen you recently because of time zones, but your activity has improved massively, you seem to be alot more positive, upbeat and just nice to be around.    Aliengod420 [In-Game Administrator]  Alien, My bb! Now you do impress me, from helper to mod to admin so quick I bet your head is still spinning, but you deserved every promotion, your activity is crazy, your positive attitude is great, you're so friendly and easy to talk to! I love you man, keep up the hard work!         Searwen [Forum Administrator]  Your dedication to the forums never ceases to impress me, You're always on here doing something and helping to keep the forums a nice place.  Potentials [Forum Administrator]  You're also great with the forums, I always see you moving things and if I get confused I just message you on skype.  Cooni [Forum Administrator]  Now, You've talked me through so many things to do with forums it is actually hilarious to think of it all, you're always keen to help and really detailed with your explanations.    Searwen [In-Game Moderator]  My searwen! <3 I have nothing but good things to say about you, since your return you've had such a big impact yet again, I'm glad to have you as a staff member but not only that, a friend, you're such a friendly person in general once people get to know you, I just wanted to let you know personally that I am SO proud of you and know you'll go far if you stay determined as always <3  Unicow [In-Game Moderator]  Uni Uni Uniiii, as a staff member, you're amazing and you're always so funny and upbeat, I got so excited when i heard you speak for the first time, Keep up the amazing work! <3  Mirage [In-Game Moderator]  Mirage, I always believed in you, I knew you'd do amazing because you're always so chilled, the first to be there to help someone & always watching over everything, keep it up.        Bodhi [In-Game Helper] I've been away so not really seen how you've been doing but I believe in you, I know you'll do us proud!    Dafire [In-Game Helper] My dafi! I've missed you man, you were an awesome helper before and i know you will be this time round, I can't comment more as i haven't been around to see BUT i know you're always dedicated.   Bale [In-Game Helper]  Balerinoooo! you're doing good, td to helper so quickly I know you'll climb the ranks in future.    Detoxify V2 [In-Game Helper]  Detox, I love you man! Probably one of the nicest, most down to earth people I have ever met in my life, I can talk to you about anything and visa versa & I know it's not just me that feels this way, you're a breath of fresh air when i'm having a bad day or stressing about something pointless and you're exactly the same with new people who may cross your path, You should be mod soon, you stand out and make yourself noticed, damn you go off 4 hrs sleep to work to fit all the time into ds you can, you're just amazing in every aspect, keep up this amazing work!    Racinedionx [In-Game Helper]  What a noob ;)        Little side note, I know that my feedback isn't really pointing out flaws, issues or negativity, because there isn't any in my view, I'm so proud to have such an amazing team with me and by my side! <3
  8. Racinedionx

    Awwww uni! Thankyou definitely means a lot to see all these lovely positive comments! I love this staff team! <3
  9. Racinedionx

    Hahah, thanks for such lovely words and it still makes me giggle how you've come to write my name as it's said every time so you don't forget! ;)
  10. Racinedionx

    Aww why thankyou for such kind words ! :)!!
  11. Racinedionx

    KANGAROO BUDDIES! Gz wasabiiiiii x
  12. Racinedionx

    Slarrrrr! I can't believe this :(! Who's going to sniff toothpaste and be a walking flower centre piece! I'll miss you bud, keep in contact and wish you the best in everything you face x
  13. Racinedionx

    I got lots of perfume, I must smell! ;) I'd say the best "gift" I got was just to spend time with the people I love the most, oh and an awesome batman light haha!
  14. Racinedionx

    I'm so jealous right now! Beach sounds amazing haha. Hope you have an amazing time!