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  1. Good day dreamers! 👽

  2. good to you dreamers!! 😀

    1. Gya


      Good to see you man

    2. Syos


      same for you bro 😀

  3. Syos

    The beginning of a new droplog by syos. This is from 1 hour farming @ executive zone: This is from 2 hours farming @ executive zone: i will update this droplog more in the past.
  4. Happy 2020 DS Gang!!

  5. i can't play now 😞 

  6. Syos

    Thanks alot guru ! ☺️
  7. Syos

    Hi feeds, i was trying to add thes pics into my other drop logs but it doesnt work because my pics are to big size... :s if someone can tell me how i can do drop loggs like te drop log of :Hi Its guru Then i will be able to make one awesome droplog
  8. Syos

    This awesome drop whas a : SPACEJAM
  9. here is the drop i got :
  10. here is the rest of the loot
  11. Hello guys, i have opened 100 magegray keys and here are the loots of them, i aint got luck
  12. Damm, gratz to all the developers and coders for this huge update ! Amazing server and staff here! Keep it up.

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