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  1. This is all amazing adams I can't wait to see more stuff ❤️
  2. It's Taco t u e s d a y 🥺<3

  3. Thank you everyone who makes these a good time and takes time to participate with me and the staff who help <3! Good luck everyone!
  4. Bars AF Happy Cinco De Mayo

  5. Thanks for the kind words ❤️ I can defiantly talk to one of the higher ups to implement something like that even just small goodiebags, maybe have it vary depending on how big the event is? but nothing to big. I do appreciate everyone who does attend the events! And everyone has gotten better with things super proud of you all ❤️ Want whats fun and best for all of you as well as the staff who help me out!
  6. Can't wait to see this happen with your guys hard work! ❤️
  7. until

    Good Luck bbys
  8. Thank you Everyone for being excited for my events and participating 🥺💜 can't wait to keep hosting them for you all and Love you all

  9. until

    Thank You to everyone advanced who joins this, as well as all you joining the events the past few days you guys enjoying these motivates me. I love being an events manager and working along side chuck and the other staff and everyone else who helps me become a better host, you are all amazing and I hope to see you all in tomorrows tournament! ❤️
  10. I'm alive I guess🥰

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    2. Nala


      Wow squish love you too


    3. Squishy


      hmu d00d. My number is still the same

    4. Nala


      I got a new phone so i lost all my numbers but ill fb message u mine

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