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  1. Tix

    May be inactive as hell, but I wish you the best of luck and tons of fun along your way. You deserve it.
  2. Tix

    Yay! More borks!
  3. Tix

    Why the minecraft textures on the graphics xD
  4. Tix

    Best of luck in the future! Know that the entire DS community's here for ya.
  5. Tix

    My first 24 hour livestream!
  6. Tix

    I might be able to come up with another sig for ya.
  7. Tix

    Best of luck in the future.
  8. Tix

    Give me the dwb c: Anyways, congratulations.
  9. Tix

    You're always welcome back.
  10. Congratulations to Aussie and much love to Billionarre for donating.
  11. Tix

    Congratulations c:

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