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  1. Rhys

    23, almost there bois
  2. Rhys

    i think double the amount halve respawn timers, brutal is junk now anyway
  3. Rhys

    welcome back, hope you en joy your second stay man ?
  4. Rhys

    Username: cowman v2Rank In-game: executiveProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/f9c43c42c9387a6d5a77f585109d7844
  5. Rhys

    Always sad to see fellow veterans leave, not gonna lie that post got me slightly in the feels. But hope things go well for ya. you'll always be welcome here ❤️
  6. Rhys

    welcome back, hope you enjoy your stay big boy
  7. scrub


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    2. Rhys


      banned from discord


    3. Seany


      whats ur discord name XD


    4. Rhys


      Oil nub, what's your discord name and #

  8. Rhys

    mhm maybe buff the rate of lamps would be enough in my opinion
  9. just remove botting all together. the rule was useful in the past eyars when xp rates were low af for skilling, but nowadays oyu can lmap to 120 in any skill in under 2 hours. this rule should be looked at imo
  10. Rhys

    congrats to all the winners, mostly well deserved
  11. Rhys

    ouchh, riperoni XD you rebuilt yet?
  12. Rhys

    would be nice to see this updated, but what could be added?
  13. Rhys

    Oohhh a new person, sickk
  14. Rhys

    Taking a break for 4 days to 2 weeks cos going on holiday and then moving house. But I'll still be on forums in that time ❤️ Rhys