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  1. Rhys

    i mean cool guide i guess. but is this really needed. for the easiest boss int he game, with 0 mechanics...
  2. Rhys

    Meh, people come and go. WB I guess
  3. Rhys

    just smack stuff up just we all used ot back in the day
  4. Rhys

    Ban 1 item or unban a load, banning Avery's would be much less effort
  5. Rhys

    Reva are op money making. With Avery's it's impossible to die so means you have 0 risk for massive reward. Also devalues scroll of protection by rendering it useless
  6. Rhys

    What's the current issue? Avery's op in wildyWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? Ban itHow will this benefit player/server?How could this be expanded in future? Is too op, ban itWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) none
  7. Rhys

    Yes please fix this
  8. Rhys

    Again, I want to see every one. It's the only reason I use exec zone
  9. Rhys

    No. I want to see every kill...
  10. Rhys

    Baiiiiii 💔
  11. You do realise this raid takes less than 2 minutes right...
  12. Rhys

    Don't worry, at some point I'll come and claim back my rev caves. Busy IRL ATM so you lot are gonna have to put up with the shite pkers for a bit
  13. Rhys

    i think double the amount halve respawn timers, brutal is junk now anyway
  14. Rhys

    welcome back, hope you en joy your second stay man ?

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