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  1. I know, I know. The elo could be better. But I just know I'm going to miss days here and there from playing so I don't even bother with it. And Im not going to donate for the elo cards. If it degraded instead of reset completely, then I would consider it
  2. Sure thing @Hephaistos and @yofu If anyone needs any advice on strategies for the Hell Arcade, I can try my best to answer that as well. Here is the gear in a list so people can see the enchants, etc. Poseidon Set Emperor's Necklace Emperor's Ring Sanguinesti Staff (i) (bp) +11 Ferocious Gloves +4 Ultimate Tribrid Boots Skotizo Cape (I have the Tribrid Inferno Cape on now but I did use Skotizo cape for my run) Platinum Skin Aura Thanos Battle Pet x2 Damage Cards are a must during this as well
  3. Insane luck. Congrats man!
  4. Glad to have you back. Good luck on your DS grind!
  5. Sad to see you go man. Good luck on all your endeavours. Keep in touch
  6. On my second try ever, I was able to beat the Hell Arcade and obtain my Tribrid Inferno Cape!
  7. Congrats! Ferocious gloves are a huge upgrade for anyone's account
  8. I love this idea. Just as everyone else said, The ddr, dr, and luck are a bit too high. But I would love a relatively good pet for sponsors, as an upgrade from thanos pet
  9. Youre a BEAST grinding these goals like crazy. Keep it up!
  10. Good luck with this goal! That will take alot of grinding but I believe you can do it!
  11. What's the current issue? No issue exactly but I thought it might be cool to be able to change the accent colors on the new Sponsor and Exec armors. For example, the current accent color for Sponsor armor is a purple. My idea would be to add an option to customize it like you can with the omega set and customizable icy glaive. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Adding an option on the new Sponsor and Exec armor to customize the accent colorHow will this benefit player/server? This would allow more players to grind the new gear and give them an option to create cool fashionscape outfi
  12. Its not a crime. Its just a security thing to prevent RWT. When you cross 3b cash for the first time, it will do that. Once you get your account whitelisted, you should be set.
  13. Amazing guide. It will be extremely helpful for the players trying to kill Hydra
  14. Sports


    Welcome! This server has so much to offer. Dont forget to check out the wiki for any help
  15. Sports


    Welcome back! Im sure theres lot of new content to explore since youre a returning player
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