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  1. Sports

    Amazing guide. It will be extremely helpful for the players trying to kill Hydra
  2. Sports

    Welcome! This server has so much to offer. Dont forget to check out the wiki for any help
  3. Sports


    Welcome back! Im sure theres lot of new content to explore since youre a returning player
  4. Sports

    Keep going! Cant wait to see the next update
  5. As always, keep up the good work. Looking forward to the update
  6. Sports

    VOUCH for this. Im not the biggest Harry Potter fan but I think it would be a great addition
  7. Sports

    What's the current issue? All 31 auras look exactly the same, making hard to identify at first glance. It makes it confusing trying to differentiate between them in the bank or in your inventory. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Making a change to the models of the auras. Potentially grouping the models, such as all the Mystic auras having very similar models with a slight change (Maybe a Roman Numeral in the bottom)How will this benefit player/server? Less confusion when trying to find or identify different aurasHow could this be expanded in future? With each new aura that is potentially added into the game, more models can be createdWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I don't see any effect on the game itself due to it being just a visual change. The only downside I can see is having to come up with a unique model for the amount of auras in game.
  8. Sports

    This is the start of my Alchemical Hydra farming journey. My first goal is to obtain the Ferocious gloves then might end up going for all 3 drops. My current gear: My current DR/DDR is 111%/95%. (This is including switching to dream mage just before killing, using luck potion, and Affluence prayer) Drop Log 1- X 2- Double Dream Legs (Blood) 3- X 4- X 5- X 6- X 7- X 8- X 9- Emperor Set 10-24 - X 25- Double Dream Body (Blood) 26-36- X 37- 38-72- X 73- Double Dream Legs 74-116- 5 common/uncommon drops. Could't determine what KC due to doing multiple runs per inventory
  9. Well worth the wait! DS updates never disappoint
  10. Sports

    I know this boss was just released. But I feel like a Hydra guide would be very useful for the community due to all the mechanics of it. This guide could include minimal gear, recommended gear, how it works, etc.
  11. Sports

    Username: SportsRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot):
  12. Sports

    Update 3: 6/10/20 Sponsor Rank Finally Achieved!! Thanks again to everyone that helped out with the advice and the donations!
  13. Sports

    Update #2: Buying donations is alot harder than expected. I've only found a few people to buy them from. I currently have 26/40 Bonds until I can obtain the rank. Thanks to everyone that has sold me a donation so far.
  14. Sports

    Thanks for the input @peripheral, @Jladams, and @Javier! I’ve asked around and it seemed that people had mixed feelings about buying the bonds. But because you guys all have a good knowledge base, I think I will try to do this route! Plus it gives me a chance to get some extra money from pulls at the goodiebag island.
  15. Sport's Road to Sponsor Rank I'm a long time player, playing on and off since 2015. I've recently gotten back into playing DS regularly. One of my current and pretty far off goals in to achieve sponsor rank with in game cash. I want to achieve this without gambling at the infamous Dicezone or donating. In order to be able to obtain this rank in game, I will need to buy a 200$ donation for 4.4b DScoins. I will try my best to update this every few days, week, or whenever there is a major milestone. Edit: After deciding Bonds would be a much easier way of obtaining the rank, I will be purchasing donations whenever I can. Bonds 10 / 40 50$ / 200$ Update 1: Purchased a 50$ donation for 10 5$ bonds. Also obtained Ultimate Mage Gloves through Dreamland. My current gear setup I will be upgrading my boots and gloves to ultimate mage through the Dreamland minigame so I can save as much of my money for the rank. I plan on doing alot of raids and Abyssal Sire to achieve my goal but am always open to suggestions for money making, as well as any in-game donations that may come my way. I will also be entering and participating in as many events as I can to help boost that cash stack up.

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