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  1. Potentials

    183 U all suck
  2. Why do u scrubs look at my account huh and don't leave any reps either???

  3. @Vaider if your gonna look at my profile atleast leave a rep u creep

    1. Vaider


      Lol sorry saw your name on people online and decided to lurk :P.

    2. Potentials
  4. Potentials

  5. Potentials

    Everyone has their time @Daut feel free to pm me on discord. Pm me on forums for my name
  6. this boi right here is the reason why i joined teamspeak LMAO and he named me Goldfish then the TokenBlackGuy ;)

    I will always remember Potentials AKA Lays chips

    1. Potentials


      U make me a moist chip tok  ;)

  7. I wanna see how many people actually remembers me. Leave a reaction if u do

  8. Rip :/

    1. Bodhi


      I'm sorry for your loss man, I truly am! Stay strong friend.

      He/She will be in heaven, a better place/life than here on Earth.

    2. ChilladinYT


      It's in Doggo heave now :/ 
      Still sorry to hear about your loss. 

  9. Potentials

    My birthday is better tbh good luck all
  10. I need more reps guys. So ye

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ChilladinYT


      Me too me too ;) 

    3. Hc Snaup

      Hc Snaup

      *hops on the rep bus* Expecting 300 rep tomorrow, don't let me down..

    4. Bowzah


      same, return me the favor :p

  11. Potentials

  12. Potentials

    Potato* fk off the E
  13. Potentials

    Going to @Yung Turtle question, why are u such a pleb?
  14. Potentials