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  1. MrKaneki

    Much love guys 😄. Also, Iron. If you're a fan of anime, I highly recommends Steins;Gate (;
  2. This sounds like a lot of fun haha 🙂 I enjoyed the last gambling tourney I was in. Always a good laugh. IGN: Mr Kaneki TimeZone: EST Good luck fellas :).
  3. MrKaneki

    Thanks fellas :). Appreciate the kindness.
  4. MrKaneki

    I really appreciate the constructive feedback! I truly agree with you, I shall work on that. It has always been a struggle for me to say the least. I feel as if I have the creativity aspect down to a T but just lack the current skills to really provide blending, which usually leads to me hitting a roadblock or a creativity block to be more exact. But I shall continue to learn and improve as you said :). I use to use an older PS version, but I had gotten a new PC which then I was forced to get the latest CC which really feels different to me in an odd way. Just feels like I could do a lot more now but don't know where to begin haha. As for the background of the work I did here, yes everything was made from hand basically aside from the render itself. I used a mix of Brush patterns and smudging to create that background. I would have to redo my brush packs and fonts still haha, which is a chore in itself xP. Can never have too many brushes and or fonts xD. But thank you Legacy, for taking your time to review and for giving me some advice ;).
  5. Sick update guys! Really impressed! Keep up the amazing work, always appreciate all your hard work ;).
  6. MrKaneki

    Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed the concept, may try to think outside of the box again in the future to challenge myself, we'll see haha. But yeah, if you're an anime fan, I highly recommend checking it out ;).
  7. MrKaneki

    Hello guys ;)! Here is another work I ended up finishing. Still rusty haha, but really trying out different concepts and what not. But if you've seen Stein's Gate and or like the show, well hopefully this does it justice haha. Thanks for checking this out guys! Will most likely be back again sooner or later.
  8. MrKaneki

    Thank you very much :), glad you like it. Much appreciated Anti, and that is indeed true to the fullest.
  9. MrKaneki

    Thanks Chanman :). Haha, very kind of you. That is very nice of you, thank you very much @808raptor. I may do more works in the future haha, my bet is most likely. Much love guys ❤️ I am glad you guys liked it, really.
  10. MrKaneki

    Thank you (; Will for sure be doing some more works in the near future. Thank you ❤️ I am glad you liked it .
  11. MrKaneki

    Likewise, it is lovely to hear from you again Bodhi (; ! I appreciate the kind words as well, I hope you've been well! We'll definitely catch up soon .
  12. MrKaneki

    Hey there guys, I though I would take a shot at making something today. I haven't made anything with Photoshop for roughly 2 years now aha so expect a bit of trial and error with future works. So at the moment I feel like I can do some basic text type works and some other background type works. The style I tried to do today which I haven't done in a LONG time is a smudge style type of work, I do hope you guys like it and keep an eye out for possibly more works ❤️.
  13. MrKaneki

    Thanks! I really do appreciate the kind words. It feels good to be back (; I really appreciate that and I will not hesitate to take you up on that offer, thank you so much Beatz for the warm welcome back (; ❤️ Well, if I am being honest, I have not touched Photoshop in roughly 2 years or so. But! I would honestly consider giving it another go that's for sure. RSPS's were a huge part of my growth with Graphical design, though, I may not be amazing or out of this world like a lot of talent I have seen on here and other places but I still do however take pride in my works (;. Thank you so much for the warm welcome back!
  14. MrKaneki

    Hello everyone! I'd like to make my reintroduction into Dreamscape here ;3.. So.. Where to begin? Well, I use to play Dreamscape back in 2015. It was a wonderful experience! Though, I am an oldie, I am very well a new player again. I am extremely rusty with the server and have pretty well 0 knowledge on everything again. Though, I am sure I can count on some for a little help and tips ❤️! For those who didn't know me back then, I use to be one of the Official GFX artists on Dreamscape back in 2015 as well as in 2016. However, I had quit due to some real life issues and computer issues. It is really great to see some old faces as well still around! And it does hurt to see a lot of other close friends gone :(. I am currently not in-game due to issues that are currently being worked on but would love to hang out and reconnect with you all in the mean time! Much love everybody and it feels good to be back ❤️ - Mrkaneki
  15. Think I am getting the flu x.x... Fml feel so sick atm lol.

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    2. Wonder


      As long as I don't need to get the flu, then sure <3

    3. MrKaneki


      Wonder you can pretend you have the flu so dw <3.

    4. Wonder