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  1. Amazing to see people still wanting to grind out so many kills on a mob. Athene's magegray killcount is 200k, can you go that far and if you do, who'll get more soulflares along the way.
  2. Braydan (Uzi)

    Three very very VERY! active members, helpful to the community, and all round amazing! Best of luck you three, and may the best man\woman win!
  3. Braydan (Uzi)

    An outfit I believe I'm always wearing when I'm not pvming, or in ::bg. Title: Gangsta Santa. (Gangsta cause his wearing some gold in that sleek outfit)
  4. Braydan (Uzi)

    What the shit mate, no not allowed!!!
  5. Braydan (Uzi)

    Sorry fellas, and ladies that know me ingame. I'm no longer able to spare time to enjoy dreamscape, or even play it. I apologize for my departure but I'll be back asap (could possibly be a few months) but.. I hope that the people I know now, are still people I know in a few months time and still around. I would just like to say; Everybody (the whole community) you are amazing, you're what brings myself back every time I'm able to spare time to play dreamscape, keep being an amazing community and keep on keeping on, I cant wait to see how dreamscape goes when its 2020, I know it'll be running than because it gets the funds, is well ran, and the community will always be so brilliant. Please keep in mind, I'm not doing shoutouts cause I'll be here for 24hours writing it, and I just wanna say, to all the people I have had the pleasure of talking to, thank you for putting up with myself, and keep enjoying dreamscape for the masterpiece it is. ~Peace, love, and harmony~ Will see y'all around.
  6. I was half expecting that, half expecting 'Donate' lmfao.
  7. Braydan (Uzi)

    But, what if you want to multilog, and his playing aswell? mhm? Or what if you're both multilogging, because you're both seperate people.
  8. Braydan (Uzi)

    Alright, so I was playing and this was brought to my attention the other night, is the rules about multilogging. What are the rules and why are they how they are? Rule 3. Multi Logging Players of the DreamScape community are allowed to have up to 2 accounts online for the same IP at any given time Now, this rule states a player can have 2 accounts online, for the same ip address at any given time, but what about different computers? What if you have a sibling whom also likes to play? This rule has only changed recently and I'd like a full explanation on this rule please? Is it two accounts no matter the status? or as it's been (before the rule was updated, and staff permitted you) 1 Ironman (cant trade) 1 Hardcore\Normal (can trade) Which would mean the player is allowed to play an account which can trade, and an account which cant trade. If it's 'two' of any which account (two accounts that can trade) than there is a MAJOR flaw here, because the same player if rich enough, gets two am pernix sets, 2 gmg's, and camp out ::joinraid1 leaving 1 position free, which is more than likely filled with a Gmg, sf (u) or something like that. So whats the rules meaning, and what is the way the rule is interpreted?
  9. Braydan (Uzi)

    Great event mate, great layout of the thread, and thanks for the event, three tough judges (psst, give them all cookies!) anyways, goodluck to those whom enter!
  10. Sorry for the Inactivity Fellas\Ladies, Had ran out of data last week and only just got restocked.

    1. Feeds


      at least you're back :)

  11. Braydan (Uzi)

    Nice event mate, liking the prizes, liking how many people have entered, and goodluck to everybody that has entered! #EVENT Ign: Uzi
  12. Braydan (Uzi)

    Massive thank you for the development team AGAIN! Still waiting on construction.
  13. Braydan (Uzi)

    Wow.. I dredded this day and honestly didn't want it ever happening! *waves wand in the air* nope, no, nup not happening. Anyways potato it's been amazing the work you've contributed to the server and thank you so much for being around for so long mate, best of luck irl etc hope to see you achieve your irl goals. Good you're around forums though mate, much love.
  14. Braydan (Uzi)

    I know you weren't, but you still applied, among with you myself and bale nobody really knows the concept team, (I think) and if you ran it you'd be getting it up and running but meh.
  15. Braydan (Uzi)

    Welcome back mate, now get the concept team up and running again

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