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  1. Cole

    Thanks my guys! Appreciate it
  2. Cole

    Any thoughts on his new album? My favorite track is currently Hot Shower.. The others are pretty decent as well. Just wanting to get a feel on what people have been liking from him. I love Chance so if you've got any recommendations, please hmu.
  3. Cole

    Hello, I am just tossing the idea around there that a veteran rank be added into the game. I haven't played this server in years but I have been recently back into the grind. My recommendation would be that their chat text would be a different color or either a solid color in the yell chat. Nothing too big but something to recognize the older players. It is not that big of a deal just wanting to toss up the idea. Thanks for the consideration.
  4. Oh... what to do... lol

  5. Cole

    Dope. Nice to meet ya my guy. Hope to get to know ya!
  6. Cole

    Hello, an OG player here... Got bored and wanted to see what is going on.. HMU
  7. Decided to build up a HC account finally! Looking forward to getting the higher drop rate! :D:D:D

  8. Currently at 20Q of my 100t - 100Q journey. I refuse to donate!!! xD

  9. Cole

    Dang... I was looking into purchasing better range gear... Please keep me updated if you find out that it lowers the hits. Thanks
  10. Currently trying to turn 100T into 100Q. Wish me luck!

  11. Cole

    See ya nerd. Tell us what you think we need to hear... "PCE"
  12. Cole

    Great goals my man... One thing to consider... Always give yourself the opportunity to complete these goals.. Being said, make them obtainable and don't set yourself up for failure. God's Speed.
  13. Cole

    Looks like you dropped a few $ on this server... Hate to see that all gone via dicing. Take care friend!
  14. Cole

    This would be fun. Good idea young fellow.