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  1. HC Redbull

    Welcome to DS
  2. HC Redbull

    nice! free stuff is always the best
  3. HC Redbull

    Watchu think? xD
  4. HC Redbull

    one day.... xD
  5. HC Redbull

    Gratz everyone! be ready for season 4, im comin for ya
  6. HC Redbull

    Welcome Jinx
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    Huge shoutout to @Hcrdz, signature looks awesome! fast and convenient! Got my vouch
  8. HC Redbull

    GOODLUCK on the loot fellas!
  9. HC Redbull

    Product: Both Text 1: RedBull Text 2 (optional): AKA Zach Color(s): Hoping you can fit in all the colors of a redbull can, Silver, Red, Blue,Splash of Yellow Theme?: RedBull/OSRS/DreamScape related Picture (optional): Any redbull picture would work to be honest.
  10. HC Redbull

    Thanks for the warning! always appreciated
  11. HC Redbull

    Not a bad idea. 😛
  12. HC Redbull

    well dont be a stanger come say wassup! 😄
  13. It is an RNG fest though, how you survive is dependent on what items you receive from the chests at the start.. Also, i love the idea of the smaller circle, quit wasting time by running around and fight. I love the idea of the reward coffer,seems great for iron men With the whole players getting angry thing, follow the rules and there wouldn't be any problems. You're not supposed to curse someone out if they win at ;;dicezone, why would you be able to at ;;bg? The whole PVP banter just seems immature. You die, it happens, join the next game. You literally don't invest anything into this mini game except your time. BUT, some official rules would be nice.
  14. HC Redbull

    Fav thing to do, lose bank at ;;dicezone. But its okay, the rebuild is the better part
  15. HC Redbull

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