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  1. Miss you brother <3

  2. come back boi

  3. Bozo

    Congrats to all the winners!  Big thanks to you guys for coming together to host this awesome event! Thank you!
  4. Bozo

    Oh my!! All of these updates sound amazing!! So pumped!! Thanks for the info and all the hard work you guys do! See you all in game!! wooo!  :D
  5. Man great day for you! Way to go! I would be taking them weps to shadow king or magegray right now see what else is in your cards! Good luck!  ;)
  6. Bozo

    Wow nice work [member='dainish'] them kills are piling up! And so are them drops very nice!! Hope to see many more drops and updates as you get them, good luck in pvming!
  7. Bozo

    Man I remember the very first day you came in game and I had a few suggestions on forums suggestions thread you pm me ingame ask me to go to helpzone to exlpain and right away you made my suggestion. Then you say " I am not just a developer and staff member but I am also here to be your friend and pm me anytime." I was only a normal player too back then but that really meant a lot to have a staff member and especially a developer say that it really meant a lot. And now to know you and have you here for 1 year we are all truly blessed. Thanks for being here helping to make Dreamscape the amazing game it is, hope to have you here for many more years!  :P
  8. Bozo

    It is always so nice to read these feedback threads. I thank you for the kind words and taking the time to make this. These posts really do help us improve and keep us motivated to be the best we can, thank you!
  9. Nice goals to start with, I wish you the best of luck completing them and I am sure you will have no trouble doing so. Hope to see this updated with all green letters and even more future goals once you are done. Good luck on achieving all you set out to do!  :)
  10. Bozo

    Lets get some entries in here, I would love to see many pictures! Good luck to anyone who enters!
  11. Bozo

    Looks great! I too will be interested in watching this video. I am really starting to like making pictures just for fun and all the tips and tricks that I can learn will be of great use. Looking forward to the video and keep up all the nice art you do!
  12. Bozo

    Woo Congrats to all the winners! Great prizes! Thanks to [member='bench press'] for hosting such a nice event!  :D
  13. Bozo

    Wow killer new iron man package! This looks amazing! Thank you guys for working so hard and keeping this fresh! I might have to give iron man a shot now just to look nice like this! Keep up the awesome work! :D
  14. Bozo

    Amazing updates!! Wow! This new raid boss looks so nice! Really can't wait now to see this upcoming auction system and herbicide!! Sounds awesome!  Thank you guys for working so hard as you do to make Dreamscape the amazing game it is, you guys are the best! Can't wait to see what comes in the future!  :)