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  1. Miss ya buddy ❤️

    1. ♥ Bray ♥
    2. Vaider


      What about me :( lol 

  2. Phoenix

    Welcome back mate <3
  3. Phoenix

    Congrats you three Great videos <3
  4. 80 more posts to 2,000 .-. Watch the leaderboard ;)

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      Spammer hahaha

  5. Phoenix

    Aye here's my entry <3
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    I lost your discord :(
  7. I'm back. I will be recording there are most likely some who do not know me for them this will be more of an introduction. Tidbits about me Real Name: Edward Age: 20 (21 in July #oldman) favorite color: Red TV/Movies or Reading: Reading my manga Cat or Dog: Cat Favorite genre of music: Classical Favorite thing to do: YOUTUBE I'm Phoenix an old player hence "legends" and "veteran" ranks on forums I am a Youtuber one of Ds's oldest <3 I'm always cleaned but when I'm not I'm doing a giveaway on my channel so keep an eye out for when I'm constantly recording for ds cause I plan on making it 100ish% daily. for those who do not know and question my words, I'm EX-Helper EX-Forums Moderator EX-Trusted Dicer EX-News Team EX-Member Of The Month and EX-Youtuber (<hopefully won't be EX sometime soon ) nice to meet all the new Dreamers hope we can meet in-game chill talk maybe I can convince you to record for youtube as well it is extremely fun. With Love, Phoenix
  8. Phoenix

    Ew A potato chip
  9. Phoenix

    Dang, that's nice of y'all though by OG you must have meant the OG of OG's as Licky said i guess 2 years isn't enough
  10. Phoenix

    this is quite awesome though wish the thread was more detailed is the "activity" part just for td or coould it be that otherr positions are worthy
  11. Phoenix

    Welcome back, I just came back recently too! Glad to see some old faces.
  12. Phoenix

    This is unfortunate, sad to see you go mate.
  13. Phoenix

    Some of you may remember me but for those who don't. Name: Edward Age: 20 Birthdate: July 8TH 1997 I was a Youtuber here same as a Helper and Forums Moderator, Lately, I been missing Dreamscape so I decided to come back. I plan to record again once i "Get back on my feet" so I'm not recording long grinding sessions with not much content. I'll b on forums 90% of the time cause I love forums, Feel free to contact me in-game, on forums, or discord for additional questions. much love, Phoenix