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  1. Mr Stacks

    You know I'm in there ;) ign: Stacks TZ: CDT
  2. Thank you for the giveaway :) <3 , enjoy everybody, and good luck
  3. Mr Stacks


    Welcome to the community, hopefully I'll see you in dicezone sometime or around dreamscape, I'll try help you out as much as I can and answer some of your questions :) enjoy
  4. Mr Stacks

    Welcome to Dreamscape <3 , I'm sure you'll like it, I joined 4 years ago and I'm still here hahaha :p
  5. Mr Stacks

    Pretty good looking outfits ;p haha
  6. Mr Stacks

    Ign: Stacks TZ : CDT
  7. Mr Stacks

    Giveaway looks great , keep up the hard work , good luck to all <3
  8. Thank you for doing such a nice giveaway :p , good luck all :)
  9. Mr Stacks

    Thank you for the heads up bob , and I see you online all the time by the way ;p haha
  10. Mr Stacks

    That's some pretty terrible luck =(
  11. So I guess I should get to being more active on the forums now :p my count is a little low lol

    1. Bellatrix


      Id say so lololol

    2. 0xBAADF00D


      You and me both, mate. :p

  12. What's everybody doing ?
  13. Mr Stacks

    Great Updates ! :D
  14. My Account " Stacks " is black screened an freezes every time i log in , but i can log onto my alts.... can mod please help ?
    1. Fudgeballs


      Try asking a mod+ to tele the acc to them
  15. Im Black Screened it freezes when i log on

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