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  1. cat boi the forum admin

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Squishy


      look at you, finally made it to admin after 5 years

    3. Bodhi


      Took me a while, I did it! Time to resign 🦘

    4. Potentials


      Was gonna say, seems bit long for you. See you next week for your resignation post 

  2. Welcome back m8. I don't play anymore, like you said I sort of just lurk on the forums. After the incident a year or so ago, I just don't feel like putting energy into the server. Feel free to message me though, would be more then down to catch up.
  3. Squishy


    unbanned again? killin it
  4. Man you did some dank graphics for me back in the day, welcome back.
  5. Holy shit. If this is actually Razta, damn dude. You jumped off the face of the earth lmao. Welcome back ?
  6. ecks dee. I remember you literally walking off the face of the planet.
  7. lul. I'll take my reward in McDonald's gift cards tyvm.
  8. No negativity intended, usually don't even read them anymore because I don't play the game, just lurk on the forums.
  9. Am confused as to why my post was removed, so I'll say it again. Message me regarding it though, would love to hear the reasoning. Only two weeks late, get some of these new staff to get it out on time. Honestly though, there either needs to be a more dedicated team, or it needs to be done more in advance, because this seems like an inconvenience to those that work on it. No offense intended.
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