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  1. Squishy

    I try to keep the renders I use on a smaller scale, but yeah they can be stretched. The newer ones are much better in my opinion, but I also don't use Photoshop (can't be bothered to pirate it). Would love some advice from an actual GFX Artist though.
  2. Squishy

    'ello friends. I got extremely bored, so I decided to make a couple new signatures for myself. On top of those signatures, I figured I'd do a showcase of my progression of doing graphics work. Majority of it is very simple, and is done in the same style, as that's what I found that I've liked. There isn't that much depth to it, but I enjoy doing it. Constructive criticism would be very appreciative. So, to start out here is extremely old stuff that I was doing when I first started graphics. I was making these for DreamScape players, and tbh, they're pretty bad. The only ones that I like from these is Zodiac's banner, and the first signature that I did for myself. Anyways, I started playing on another RSPS and was doing graphics on there for a little bit. At this point I started looking at some basic guides as to what the hell I should do, here was the outcome. Personally, I feel as if these came out MUCH better then the previous ones. Just an overall cleaner look to them. Anyways, here's the two most recent ones that I did for myself. If you guys are interested, here is an Imgur link to all graphics work that I have saved on my computer. https://imgur.com/a/kaJKKGH Like I said in the beginning, majority of my work isn't really that interesting, or special, but I do have one hell of a time making it. If you want me to make you something, feel free to message myself and I might do it. Usually have to be in the mood. Anyways, thanks for reading until the end. Please leave as much constructive criticism as you possibly can.
  3. Probably the most insane update I've ever seen. Incredible work.
  4. Everything seems to be great, except for that wilderness update. An incredibly horrible decision if you ask me. DreamScape has near no PK'ers at all, and this is completely removing them from the game entirely.
  5. Squishy

    I like this idea, but I 100% think that this should become wilderness only. Other than that, I love the idea. Support.
  6. Squishy

    To counter the "Ak is better than Glock argument", the AK-47 used to be around 1-2T per AK (back then, 1-2T equals about 10-20T now, in terms of difficulty of getting from a blank account). The Glock was about 50B at that point as well. At this point in time, the AK was just about the best PvP weapon that you could get, alongside the Sword of 1,000 Truths, and Anger Mace (Man this thing used to be OP as hell). Back then, the only effective way of getting the AK-47 (from what I remember) was Vorago. Vorago was rarely killed back then, and there was really only a handful of people who would kill it due to them having Gorgonite (Ownercape stats). So, because of Vorago rarely being killed, the Ak wasn't common whatsoever, and it was seen as a "This item somebody spent hours grinding for, therefor it will be a strong PvP weapon". Granted, I think they need to revamp PvP and actually add something worthwhile to PK'ing, but that will probably never happen. DreamScape prefers to prioritize the PvM aspect, which isn't wrong, just a popular opinion. DreamScape PvP sucks, and needs to be revamped. Revamp the OPItems list, and the actual PvP, pls.
  7. Squishy

    I like this. Perhaps also make it a toggle-able? Like just say someone is wearing full American Pernix at Shadow Kings, but is wearing full bronze armor, someone could toggle a setting that removes everyones "costumes" to see what gear that player is using to kill the npc. Vouch
  8. Squishy

    yikes. What boss is it? I'm pretty sure all wildy bosses state that they're in PvP before you teleport. Meh, sucks that you lost your stuff. Adios friendo.
  9. Squishy

    They're all metal covers, except for the Machine Gun Kelly one. Betraying The Martyrs - Let It Go (Originally by Idina Menzel) Kingdom of Ravens - Radioactive (Originally by Imagine Dragons) Feign - Dig (Originally by Mudvayne) Suicide Silence - Engine No.9 (Originally by Deftones) Machine Gun Kelly - Numb (Originally by Linkin Park) Avenged Sevenfold - Walk (Originally by Pantera)
  10. Squishy

    Was honestly going to say something among these lines. Granted, I think that euthanasia should be legal in all countries.
  11. Squishy

    Well, it 100% depends on the genre. I listen to a lot of different genres, and especially sub-genres so it all really depends on what I'm in the mood for. As of right now, these are a couple of my top songs. Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown - I Don't Die After the Burial - Lost in the Static Fit For a King - Pissed Off Lil Peeop - Awful Things In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf I figure this is enough for the time being, whoops.
  12. Squishy

    Interesting concept my guy. I know this isn't a request, but it's really inspiring seeing things like this pop up. Thank you for the service mate!
  13. Squishy

    Tons of questions for this. What GPU do you have as of right now? What games are you going to be playing? What is the rest of your hardware? If you give me the answers for these I'll be able to help a little bit more.
  14. To play again, or to not play again. Hmm..

  15. Squishy

    Phoenix you don't message me on Discord anymore. I miss u bb.