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  1. Reeves

    Updated with a few reqs for @drax
  2. Reeves

    Username:SixxyRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):https://gyazo.com/d5dfd41d29188f52616b4e9acec658b4
  3. Reeves

  4. Reeves

    got a new pc time to crack on
  5. I've decided to give back to the community artists and also the players by offering to pen tool out your character in-game for free wearing whichever outfit you wish, Yes this is quite simple but as you will find it takes a lot of time and a ton of patience and some people don't always have that so i take all the hassle out of doing it and provide you with a quality cut out character. Please use the following format: Character Picture in the equipment stats screen (example: ) Here are some of the ones i've done:
  6. Reeves

    Updated with a little something i found on my old mac hard drive
  7. Reeves

    Well shit your already better than me since I dont know gifs ?
  8. Reeves

    @Canadian Completed
  9. Reeves

    Not my best work ever but because we have to use pics taken on ds i had to work with what i had #Flame0n
  10. Reeves

    Thanks more designs to be posted as orders are completed
  11. Reeves

    oooo fuck with it keep it up homeslice
  12. Reeves

    I think none of what you've said here is valid my style is crisp looking designs with a professional feel to it not throwing effects on something and call it a day it's how I was taught and I'm yet to have any complaints but I mean if it makes you feel better sure
  13. Reeves

  14. Reeves

    Prices are tbd ATM but it isn't going to be 10q like everyone else, I plan to be affordable and provide quality work so I usually just say pay me what you think it's worth until I can figure out the games economy again because back in my day 300t was the richest in-game :p
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