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  1. Macmayham

    Wow. I actually like this idea. There isn't much content for middle/beginner tier players revolving around actually having to try (but not too hard of course), so this is a big step for that type of content. Let's hope it gets put in the game sometime in the future +1
  2. Macmayham

    Here with another suggestion. So you are all aware of the slimer pet right? It's able to hit 2500 ticks of poison. So what if someone was to go to kill our poor inga bois. They'd be insta killing them. Which would result in ez money to be made. So I came up with the idea of not allowing pets in the invictus area. Thus, preventing the price of inga dropping, and tons of money to be made. ~sincerely Macmayham
  3. Macmayham

    Hello. Suggesting a Donor area for the dream trees. Why only dream trees? Most donors are going to have 125 woodcutting based on the fact that ;;donorboss drops lamps. So I feel as if this would be a good opportunity to put a tiny bit more to donor benefits. The regular location is filled, daily as I should say. Not sure on what the balanced amount of dream trees there should be. Maybe 10 or 15, because donors are going to be flooding this place like crazy. Just a thought, but please consider adding this into the game. ~Sincerely Macmayham/Mayham hc
  4. Macmayham

    ign: Macmayham PDT Goodluck everyone
  5. Macmayham

  6. Macmayham

    Yo yo thanks for this sexy giveaway bro <3 <3 IGN: Mayham hc
  7. Yo nut to those bug fixes and new pets. YUH YUH YEEET!!!!! Lovin it fam.
  8. Macmayham

    Damn dude. Surprised you didn't get a plate lmao. But kudos on the loot.
  9. Macmayham

    Aye welcome man. Hope you have a good time.
  10. Macmayham

    oh yeahh boii. finna play dreamscape tonight!!!!
  11. Macmayham

    Thank you my good man.
  12. Macmayham

    I definitely missed a lot. That sounds like a badass weapon. Who/what drops it?
  13. Macmayham

    Just feel like sharing some songs. I don't own them of course.
  14. Macmayham

    Looking for some homies to play on Xbone with. Some games I play with are Borderlands 2, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, COD infinite warfare, Black ops 3, Black ops 2, Warframe, Dark souls 3 (both dlcs), Overwatch, Happy wars, Destiny 2, I'd lowkey be down to play Minecraft if we had 4 or more people, Fortnite battle royal. That's about it. I might be forgetting some but meh. XBOX GT: DizkoDeath