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  1. Oh man. WHat's been going on >_>

  2. Macmayham

    Ya boi finna be there. HELL YEAH!!! IGN: Mayham hc
  3. Macmayham

    I vouch for this to be put into affect. No point in woodcutting if the only place for dream and lava trees are filled with multilogging bots. I too suggested something similar to this, but mainly talked about adding a new area. Check it out on thread 21899.
  4. Macmayham

    Oh hell yeah. This'll be fun to watch how far you've progressed. Raid bosses next. Nahh jk, that'd take forever. Looking forward to it mang ❤️
  5. Suggesting an area for all donor ranks that includes both dream trees and lava trees. This goes for sponsor too. So I feel as if this would be a good opportunity to put a tiny bit more to donor benefits. The regular location is filled with both players and bots, DAILY. I'm not sure what the balanced amount of each tree would be, but I would think maybe 10 each would be enough. And of course no bots allowed. Or even better. Just outlaw the fact that people are able to bot woodcutting. Just a thought, but please consider adding this into the game. Any suggestions and or ideas would be heavily appreciated. ~Sincerely Macmayham/Mayham hc
  6. Macmayham

    ign: Macmayham PDT Goodluck everyone
  7. Macmayham

  8. Macmayham

    Yo yo thanks for this sexy giveaway bro <3 <3 IGN: Mayham hc
  9. Yo nut to those bug fixes and new pets. YUH YUH YEEET!!!!! Lovin it fam.
  10. Macmayham

    Aye welcome man. Hope you have a good time.
  11. Macmayham

    oh yeahh boii. finna play dreamscape tonight!!!!
  12. Macmayham

    Thank you my good man.
  13. Macmayham

    I definitely missed a lot. That sounds like a badass weapon. Who/what drops it?
  14. Macmayham

    Just feel like sharing some songs. I don't own them of course.