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    I suggested this years ago but hopefully we can get it now. I suggested a command to kick out any account logged in that is the same as your IP. Example: If I am using an aggression potion I will most likely be in combat so if I Disconnect mid combat I am stuck until I am moved home then kicked by staff. Make a command so all I have to do is hop to an alt use a command like ::kickmyip and it checks for other accounts online matching the ip of the alt you are on and kicks them. (If you dc while mid combat you can't be kicked normally staff have to send you home then kic
  2. Framed

    Event Spam

    https://gyazo.com/b555f21ba722cd4798dbcbc6cb4af446 This makes my butthole clench up. I physically can't tell you how many times I have had an issue with helping newer users through help CC during events sure there is the argument(Bro just turn yell chat off) BRUH not all of these newer players know how to do that and usually when they can't mute yell chat because they don't know how they miss any replies from me or other users who try to answer their questions... SIMPLE FIX: Instead of paying 50+ people or however many it is 5 event mboxes to spam the
  3. Only staff in discord rn ty for your help

  4. Player owned Shop bugs: Say for example you want to buy a "Gold leaf" in POS, then you want to search for "Golden Minigun" If your search box is scrolled down enough you wont get to see golden minigun in your search box hope this GIF explains more ----- https://gyazo.com/8276be1974c1f235937a22861d5430dd --- I had a general search so there was a scroll bar to go through the options I had for my search, but once I narrowed my search down to the specific me being scrolled down that far already made it so the minigun would not how I would have to delete characters in my search to get t
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