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  1. Tariq

    welcome aboard to dreamscape buddy!
  2. Tariq

    Oh my god why the hell I had  to see this when I logged in man! Damn man this hurts me :/ Hope to see you back again.
  3. Tariq

    Welcome back mate!
  4. Tariq

    I've gone through this mate, i know how this feels. It's upto God how he wants when he wants, we can't do anything about it. Just get back to normal life and ask for forgiveness for your self and your family. Rest In Peace for your brother, May he enter the paradise.
  5. Tariq

    Welcome Back to dreamscape!
  6. Tariq

    Awesome mate!
  7. Tariq

    Great effort mate.
  8. Tariq

    Keep making more and more videos man, get some tips from our Media Manager Bench Press about the black lines :P
  9. Tariq

    8/10 you are helpful person, you seem friendly and supportive.
  10. Tariq

    Wow that is something amazing to see man, great stuff.
  11. Tariq

    This is a crazy video elly!
  12. Tariq

    Would be enjoyable!
  13. Tariq

    Good luck mate, ::chickens XD
  14. Tariq

    High Gaming ON!
  15. Tariq

    This is a great video, i hope you make more and more videos :3