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  1. It's been awhile Dreamscape, hasn't it ?


  2. well finally u already got it :)

  3. Nearly two years achievement.

  4. Michael Gaming


    I agree on Rotater I tell you this, from the minute i saw you before you got alot, you were actually NICE i mean you were sooo nice but since that day that you got alot from Dr Brownies, you've changed like changed both on how you speak and how you actually act, if your just going to quit because of being cleaned. And so be it.
  5. Suffer being helper and Tyrant being Trusted Dicer

    Hows the server ? XD

    1. vl0ne


      It's very good!

  6. Michael Gaming

    So, this is it, the end of the line for me. Truth be told i never thought of making this just to clear things up, and also the promises i did before this which makes me like a sore loser, things didn't go as planned nor felt like all my hardwork and respect did feel like it really pay off as sometimes like my generosity gives me nothing but bad luck or just the same problem always felt I didn't do good enough. I originally planned to resigned from being Trusted Host since the death of my grandfather, i had to fix alot of my problems in real life and stay happy in game along with the players I've talked to in discord, i try to move on and it helps but i had to focus alot of things besides playing games. I'm am officially quitting in game and maybe discord, it's for the best of myself, i get mad of things I don't have to get mad at, so I'm letting go of this rope, I'm done. @vl0ne from the moment we became rivals in fp and your mic-less chat with me was one of the memories i will never forget. @Emperor Nick you've been by far the friendliest and all by far serious when it comes to Trusted Host. I am really going to miss all the times we did before you were TH. @Rotater we've only talked much when you just camed to the server, you are one rad person. @Suffer you have been a jerk to me since the day i met you but atlest now you lessened it (i think). @Tyrant stop cleaning people. @Dr Brownies Wag ka masyadong mayabang tangina, gl sa bank at sa revenge :D @mboxie dont go afk too much, take care dicezone will ya. @mg new mg 2.0 you will soon bet your rares >:) huehuehue @Mirage someday that dice bag of yours will go bad and ill be there to watch it >:) overall going to miss you doh. @bassampk i will continue my art, you helped me realize that everyone has to be good at something when you put effort in it. I will only visit forums whenever someone is willing to sell donations, overall im not going to play like i used to. On the mean time i can answer questions if you have any.
  7. Michael Gaming

    Not bad on the 400+ kills Usually people will go upto 1k+ and still no drops XD
  8. Michael Gaming

    Wow finally, thanks :D
  9. Huh, 2-3 years in the server and only either 32 posts and just got active to the community.

    Should've done that before...

  10. Michael Gaming

    Eh why not :D
  11. Michael Gaming

    Never forget the memories you did at the dicezone!!!! gambling and dreamscape will always be in your heart!!!
  12. Michael Gaming

    The new developers did this update ? Really great touch on the updates guys i mean this by far one of the greatest game changing updates so far in the dreamscape Basically the mechanics is good + pretty sure the thing will have some bugs otw but i hope you guys can fix all of them asap Good job guys ! :D
  13. Michael Gaming

    I look damn good

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