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  1. YCGamez

    I just wanted to say that I really like the latest design. Especially the forums. I have however found a small error on the frontpage. The join the forums button goes to /forums instead of /forum
  2. YCGamez

    Considering the 2nd one is hand drawn, I really like that one!
  3. YCGamez

    Icy torva is by far my favorite
  4. Have to admit the forums are looking so sick now!
    Been a while since I hopped on here and I see a lot has changed in a positive way.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. YCGamez


      Lots of veterans back on I see. Great to see :).

      Somehow we always come back lol

    3. Beethoven


      hey Shrek, long time no see


    4. YCGamez


      Wow beethoven! Sure is! 

  5. YCGamez

    Started in end of 2014. Oof been such a long time O.o
  6. Where did the shout-/chatbox go? 😞

    (Feeds, check discord)

    1. Squishy


      i miss u

    2. YCGamez


      ❤️ bae

  7. Hope you're doing well man

  8. YCGamez

    You will be missed. Especially around dicezone. Whenever you find some spare time, I hope you'll come on to say hi
  9. Need help? Feel free to shoot me a message!

  10. Need help? Feel free to message me!

    IGN: YCGamez

  11. Awesome update as well as an awesome thread. I'm so glad we have such nice looking update threads! #DSGANG
  12. YCGamez

    Amazing work!! Can't wait to see some new Dreamscape artwork ?
  13. ~ Dear Dreamscape community ~ After crying in a corner for over a week we have finally picked the winners of the roasting event! - First place - Ring of Morphing @Turisija - Second place - Olaf's Scythe + 1.5Q cash @darklordrr - Third place - Extreme donator ticket @Squishy Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to everyone who participated

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