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  1. Dice Billy

    This would be sick yes please :DD
  2. Dice Billy

    Welcome man great to have people come back!
  3. Dice Billy

    I'm not even an owner but deffo support this!
  4. Dice Billy

    Fine I think Fury (or), lava logs, dream logs, all nex items, steads, glavs, ragefires, all dragon bone, aks, glocks, I know there's a lot buy for selling purposes as well people cannot sit in the poh adding 28 items at a time. I don't think everything should be but the items I've listed I would love. Maybe use this thread for what people want noted and then maybe add? @CylorV
  5. Dice Billy

    Hey not a long thread I'll get straight to the point can all items be noted please? There are so many that cannot be noted and for a collector like me it's hard to buy items 1 by 1.
  6. Dice Billy

    This sounds pretty cool 1+
  7. Dice Billy

    Welcome back buddy! Hope you enjoy your time here 😄
  8. Dice Billy

    I'm a little late but goodluck guy's!
  9. Looks so sick man! Goodluck with this!
  10. Dice Billy

    Sad to see you go but enjoy man
  11. Dice Billy

    Damn nice man goodluck to everyone!