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  1. Kofita


    Defo gonna be there, Thank you for this!
  2. Kofita

    ~Ign Kofita Thank you
  3. Hello Dreamers! I bring some amazing news today, alot of you know i completely dropped Dreamscape for a year or so too focus on studies. I have achieved a unreal thing something i've worked so damn hard for. I have received a UnConditional Officer from my first choice University. This means whatever my exams and final results look like ill still get into that University! I feel so privileged and i could not have done with without you guys for boosting my confidence and making me who i am today! Thank you Dreamscape! https://gyazo.com/a110558b6456d101cecc737c1a0fec7b Thank you Dreamers P.s Please help me out with this post:
  4. Kofita

    Thank you my boys keep them coming!
  5. Hello Dreamers. As you know since my first day on dreamscape I've been with a girl called Phoebe. She is my best friend and what I believe to be my soul mate. I wanted to do something different hence why I'm here and asking for your help. I was thinking of asking people from all around the world to take a piece of paper. Write Matti + Phoebe on it and maybe a heart or any doodles you would like to add {no dicks} and your location and seeing and take a picture maybe of a nice scenery near you or just out of your window. With your country and big town on the paper too so she can see where it's from. Id print them all out and compile them in a album? Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen feel free the copy the idea of you feel like it's something our loved one would treasure! thanks dreamers!
  6. Kofita

    fat burger
  7. Hello Dreamers! This is most likely my final post on the forums ill explain why but i felt obliged too post this! My name is Matti i've been with DS for about 2 years. Back in the day i was a very successful DS streamer. I however left for college commitments and since then have been on and off the server for a good year. I am however always looking over the forum and checking who's around and sometimes even a pop onto the TS. -I am however selling my PC and moving on with Life with University next year. Hence why i will no longer ever be a part of Dreamscape. I hope that i've left my mark on the server, My countless streaming hours promoted the server and helped it grow in the Alpha stages. I wish you all the best dreams all the best in life! Love, Happiness and Success! -I can't list everyone but THANK YOU! Especially GIO for everything you do for us and i hope DS takes you far! Keep fighting. -Keep Dreaming Ladies and Gentlemen. -Matti (Kofita) Singing out. Peace.
  8. ign: Kofita   Congrats mate some heavy goals therw!
  9. Kofita

    AW mate, you always have been good luck on your goals!
  10. This is defiantly outstanding, I loved it i can not wait for more of this, i love how you have incorporated regular players not just donators.
  11. Kofita

    RIP too all those that died in on 9/11   RIP to all Afghanis, Pakistanis, Iraqis and innocent Muslims that were murdered for a crime they did not commit.   RIP to all the soldiers who died fighting a war based on lies.   RIP to all those who have died in the so-called 'War on Terror'
  12. Kofita

    Hello Ds players? Any else intrested in Photography share your best shots here?   Here is one i took this weekend by the Sea.   http://prntscr.com/cbz5ci
  13. Hey Dreamers!   Just copying a thread. Here is what i have atm, will be updating in 1 months time!     Let know what you think!   -Iron Kofita
  14. Kofita

    ;;mbox   [attachment=251:5e962fa7c3514afda04963264394f290.png]
  15. Kofita

    WOAH, I am very very Jelly! Congratulations man!

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