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  1. Oh thank you, sorry have been busy of late so didnt see this post.
  2. I was wondering if they can be soloed, I have trouble joining teams and when I make my own CC to try, it tells me I cant do that while doing another activity.
  3. I am sorry you had to suffer in such ways. and all the more thankful for your demeanor and kindness. Yeah, I can honestly say this year sucked less with the addition of friends in life, my lesson for this year is to push yourself into the unknown. It will bring about challenges to mold, and some to break, but it is something needed to ultimately get you to the place you need to be in life. Changing the way we think about ourselves and the world around us, and getting done the things we want most, even dream of. That starts with getting out of comfort zones and going forward, no matter what ma
  4. https://youtu.be/jVq8BRvEr_A KingDongComes scuffed video submission. after hours of trying to fix it up to something manageable..this is what is given. You have been blessed.
  5. Commenting for infinity aura, wasnt sure where else to do it lol.
  6. What's more to your point Canard, Xebos can be hit for 4501. Why can't it be like that on others?
  7. I understand raid bosses not being able to be 1 shotted, but of the regular bosses list you can only attack Olaf and Groudon, can't attack Revenants either. These powerful weapons one of which is in shop for 850$ and you can't attack 90 percent of the monsters that are worth anyone's time. What's the point of one hit items if they are so limited in what they can 1 hit. I'd be fine with attacking unrestricted with reduced stats, or even have a limited hits per day on designated monsters. I got a glaive and I honestly wish it was something else instead, that's the exact opposite feel
  8. A multi-rank system is as stated above. The Owner can separate people by Name Rank, Color and Permissions Granted. EX: Owner, Co-Owner, Admin, Mods, Donators, Players. Discord is far easier to navigate, you can have multiple voice channels, text channels, Special Permission channels, Channels dedicated to any topic or reason; You can even add bots to the server which do everything from playing music, giving gifs and memes, games and activities, on and on. All you gotta do is tap or click those channels and you are in granted you have permission in the channel. Discord is designed for gam
  9. Discord can have different ranks by creating different roles with different permissions separated by color. Discord is superior in UI as well..there is no possible way teamspeak is superior in this aspect.
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