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  1. wissrahal

    always good to see bug fixes ty staff ❤️
  2. wow what a godly update love it so much
  3. wissrahal

    Congratulations vaider!
  4. wissrahal

    i play fortnite black ops 2 and valorant !
  5. wissrahal

    i have no squad and no friends 😞 but still fun soloing it
  6. wissrahal

    yea i really do hope they update the daily tasks they need a revamp
  7. wissrahal

    POGGERS we need an update on clue scrolls.
  8. wissrahal

    maybe some dragon ball z themed bosses and raids imo that would be better.
  9. wissrahal

    i quit playing this game 5 years ago i just came back and wow i remember this and i love this server again

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