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  1. dwarfr4nger

    Sounds class
  2. dwarfr4nger

    Just read peace out homes
  3. dwarfr4nger

    Hey guys I've been really in enjoying the update I'd just like to give some feedback on how well they produced this update and all the great ideas and running the server nice and smooth 👌👌
  4. dwarfr4nger

    Knock knock. Who’s there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Lettuce in, it’s cold out here! IGN: Dwarf4nger
  5. dwarfr4nger

    Damn tolose
  6. dwarfr4nger

  7. dwarfr4nger

    Nice vid
  8. dwarfr4nger

    Congrats my guy on TD and I agree
  9. dwarfr4nger

    Inga should be fixed as it costs 500t ingame and it one of the best if not the best ingame mage arm
  10. dwarfr4nger

    Hey guys I've been really in dicing lately and I've quite a bit of money this and this td team is always there but the that stands out the most is cooni very helpful strong banter all round good td
  11. dwarfr4nger

    Ign : dwarfr4nger Can I join TS :yes