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  1. Most annoying thing ingame right now?
    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Rhys


      No requirements at icy skele and the bank often closing when you move an item
    3. suomitank


      new dicing zone would be nice
    4. suomitank


      new dicing zone would be nice
  2. MaxiiPad

    Make me a twitter acc and I'll tweet xD
  3. Working on a few things with an ETA of Release being tomorrow. Just a few map complications that are being resolved. Keep an eye out ;).
  4. <a href="" rel='nofollow external' class="su_links"><a href="" rel='nofollow external' class="su_links"></a></a>
  5. Forum fulla scrubs
    1. Zamora


      I'm the biggest one though right?
    2. NealT


      Watch what u say.. We can't al be rich like you. Nub
    3. MaxiiPad
  6. MaxiiPad

    The design is soo bad, a monkey with crayons could do better. Just jokin'. Great work bro.
  7. MaxiiPad

    [QUOTE=RedDiamondTV] Thanks Maxii, btw do you know what happened to my beta account? You said relog in 20 mins 1.5 day ago or so and I'm not able to login since then. Could you please take a look into it? [/QUOTE] I'll make sure I have it fixed before we run the next beta test :D.
  8. MaxiiPad

    [CENTER][IMG][/IMG][/CENTER] THE KID IS BACK! I've now returned to DreamScape after many months of being away to grace you with the updates that we all know you love so much ;). I know that development on DreamScape over the past month has taken a halt, but from this week onwards you should see a lot of new content and fixes being implemented to make sure that DreamScape exceeds everyones expectations and reclimbs the ladders of all Toplists we advertise on. This weeks updates aren't gamechanging; but rome wasn't built in a day. [B]Slayer Rewrite[/B]: Slayer has been rewritten for better performance and more enjoyability, this encludes difficulty selection; depending on your combat level you will be given a task that will give you a good challenge while earning you cash from drops and the end of task point reward. The NPCs that are set as tasks have been suggested by players; these include Steroid penguins, the wilderness bosses and many more. [B]Duo Slayer[/B]: This is a feature I worked on just before I left DreamScape but as I returned was set to continue; pairing with a partner is currently command based(EX: ::duoslayer-parterusername [ ::duoslayer-max ]). You will receive less Slayer XP per kill while in a Duo task but the end point reward will be greater. [B]Kill Logging[/B]([COLOR=#ff0000]NOT YET IMPLEMENTED[/COLOR]): Kill Logging was going to be a great addition to PVM for DreamScape, with the ability to log 30 different NPCs at one time, and hold up to 2Billion kills on one NPC. You will be able to remove an NPC being logged by clicking it on the interface. The NPC Log passed in the Beta server but when it was implemented into the live server last night we noticed a few issues with a check for NPCS logging which I believe I have now fixed but we will wait until a later date to take that chance as we know many players were confused and annoyed by the crashing of the server. [B]Little things[/B]: A bunch of little fixes here and there, some will be noticable and some won't; these "little things" will become visible over the next few months. Keep posting bugs, and you'll see them become one of the little things that work a lot better and become more functional. [B]What to look forward to Next Week[/B]: - New Bosses - Reworked Voting System - New Higher Tier Mystery Boxes - Mapdata/MapTexture fixes. [B]A huge thanks to those who spent a large portion of their time on the Beta server last night; especially[COLOR=#0000cd] [/COLOR][I][COLOR=#0000cd]Prayer870[/COLOR].[/I] The beta teters will be invited to test future updates and will be rewarded by myself periodically.[/B] [COLOR=#ff0000][B]Lastly, a big Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother [member=Dynamic] :wub:[/B][/COLOR][B] [/B][B]![/B]
  9. The DreamScape Pioneer
  10. You know you want me
    1. Father


      and i was like BAAABY BAAABY BAAY 9O9O9O9O9O9OH (O===========8
    2. Chuck


    3. MaxiiPad


      This got really gay...
  11. MaxiiPad

    The task system is what should be used instead of using PI's Processing which runs every server tick. So the two are not the same thing.
  12. Scrubbish Behaviour