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  1. King Riku

    thanks bench :D
  2. King Riku

    thanks everyone :)
  3. King Riku

    [QUOTE="Send Me Pics, post: 74075, member: 7483"]Thank you all of you for your inputs! We try and do what we can, to put everything in the Newspaper from the past week, for you to enjoy! We took some time out of our busy schedules just to do this! We hope you enjoy. We hope you stay active with reading the Dreamscape Newspaper. And we hope to get more feedback, on what you think of the next ones, and further ones to come. But once again ; We thank you all, and we are glad that you enjoy it. - Send Me Pics. It was a pleasure working on it with you Bench! I thank you for giving me a chance to be active with something like this on forums. Giving me a chance to be Chief Editor is something I really enjoy. Going over all your spelling mistakes is fun. ;) But the most important part is, [USER=5556]@Squishy[/USER] , You , and me, we all have fun. That's the most important part overall. We mess around, and enjoy each other. It is just a fun time all together, and I can't wait for the future Newspaper's to come. Thank you once again everyone. - Send Me Pics.[/QUOTE] im looking forward to more! :D
  4. King Riku

    really nice man I enjoyed that c:
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    very nice updates! cant wait to see more man! :D keep up the good work ! :)
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    congratz everyone!
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    thanks man these are some nice updates! thanks a lot keep up the good work!! :D
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    thank you sirens!! :D
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    this is an amazing idea man I hope it becomes a success!!
  10. King Riku

    I wish I could lolz I always wanted to I always had other people do mine for me tho.
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    nice guide mate :)
  12. King Riku

    amazing man keep up the good work!! :D