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  1. support - please make more raids "junk" drops stack able or replace with dscoins
  2. what happened to in game :P be a min man its nice seeing u in game lol made bank back lol
  3. updating my status
  4. Jon Rotten

    you da man! great work, taking this server to the next level.
  5. Jon Rotten

    Congratulations gents
  6. Jon Rotten

    loving it! thanks for the update
  7. Jon Rotten

    Wow huge promotions! Congrats fellas!
  8. Jon Rotten

    Very grateful for this opportunity. You can catch me at dice zone lol
  9. Jon Rotten

    Looking forward to some more castle wars!
  10. Jon Rotten

    [CENTER]In game name: Jon Rotten[/CENTER] [CENTER]Date: 5/14/15[/CENTER] [CENTER]Can you join the ts: yes (without mic tho)[/CENTER]
  11. Jon Rotten

    Will hardcore be like an ironman type mode? Or is it where when you die you lost your stuff?

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