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  1. Sounds like fun. And great for youtube content. Support
  2. What's the current issue? Theatre of Blood is mostly dead. Theatre of Blood is very fun, but it has some hiccups. I have been grinding it for the past week or so to complete the battle pass. I've noticed that most players have never even tried it and some even ask "what is ToB?" For content that gives some of the very best drops in our game this was a little surprising. It was also surprising to hear that not many people have even received a drop there since release. I was on a break when it was released so i don't know if that last statement is true. T
  3. I think the only reason the owner cape is in the scavenger shop is because of executive totem goodie bags and goodie bag islands. I'm sorry to say that you wasted your time but you could have bought a prod cape with just DScoins and have the same permissions. That being said, I would like to see a rework involving one hit items and capes.
  4. Forum Username: Jon RottenRank Requesting: VeternAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 64? monthsScreenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
  5. Username: Jon RottenRank In-game: Platinum Partner
  6. What is the content called Global Mega Rare Table How does it work? It would be an always active global mega rare drop table with good loot at extremely rare rates. I see this content as a dream chance at an extra drop while bossing, raiding or even day one at ::train. What rewards does it give? Suggested drops: Lottery box - RARE Box of Wisdom - RARE Kismet Box -RARE Cosmetic - ULTRA RARE Cosmetic - ULTRA RARE Ultron Pet - ULTRA RARE 1-3 Bond - ULTRA RARE Infinity Gauntlets (Charged?) - STUPID R
  7. support - please make more raids "junk" drops stack able or replace with dscoins
  8. what happened to in game :P be a min man its nice seeing u in game lol made bank back lol
  9. updating my status
  10. you da man! great work, taking this server to the next level.
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