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  1. It honestly wouldn't be a bad idea since new players join through different ways of advertisement and this basic guide video can help people who prefer to view videos and seeing live demonstrations. (Everyone learns through different ways) But go for it!
  2. Hey that doesn't sound right at all. You could do the following: Restart the PC if it takes a while Move the client into a different folder Message the staff directly Since you haven't played in a long time, we can't really ask you many questions but: Does this happen on other servers? Other than that, you could PM one of the staff members on the forums. Hopefully things will get resolved soon and we can do raids together, until then, Take care.
  3. Hey everyone, it's me Lightskill, and I have been playing since last Thursday and it has been really fun. I actually haven't found a server as good as this before, maybe last one was in 2012? Anyways, I have been some good friends on this server and I found the community to be really kind, even in times when I asked so many questions (and really stupid ones) people still helped me. A little bit about me, I am 2nd year CS student, I started my first role as a software engineer when I was in 19. But because of covid, I went back to UNI and now I want to focus on become a web
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