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  1. Inject

    In-game username: Inject v2
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    Great idea. //VOUCH//
  3. Inject

    Nice songs btw.
  4. Inject

    Congratulations to the winner + all the contestants!
  5. Inject

    Congratulations to all winners. You deserve it!
  6. Inject

    Welcome back. Need anything feel free to pm me! In-game User: Inject
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    Looks great man. @darklordrr You're doing a good job man. Keep up the work. - Inject
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    Thank you Drax, really appreciate the work.
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    Welcome back. I hope you enjoy the NEW MASSIVE UPDATES.
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    Requesting sig. Username: Inject
  12. I hope everyone is ready for this HUGE update. Thanks to all the time & hard work that was put into the update. Thanks to all the Developers, the Staff, anyone who was involved in this meaning there time, work, etc etc. I'm sure all the players + new ones to come will enjoy this. Enjoy everyone. #DSGANG
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    Hi, my name is...
  14. Inject

    Congratulations on joining our Wiki Team. Now that I have some help that isn't busy with "inrl" stuff, and also we shouldn't have a problem updating anything. Just be patient, that's all I ask.