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  1. Inject

    Make a ticket in support.
  2. Wait 24-72 hours for a reply, if it takes longer be patient our staff team is very busy.
  3. I liked this one as well, it was good!
  4. Inject

    I wanna see the Groudon 3D printed.
  5. Inject

    Nice, this will help.
  6. Inject

    Nice loot man.
  7. Inject

    Feel free to pm me as well, I can show you around and answer ALL your questions. In-game Username: Inject
  8. Inject

    I like it but needs different font kinda hard to read what it says.
  9. Inject

    I kinda like this idea, I support it.
  10. Inject

    Pretty decent Sig, I'd like to see more work. ;p
  11. Inject

    I agree with this 100% because it'd make it a lot easier. //VOUCH//
  12. Inject

    Enjoy Dreamscape, if you need any type of help pc me in-game my username is Inject. I'll be free to help any point that you need it.
  13. Inject

    Farming bug is already noticed, thanks for this post though.
  14. Inject

    Good luck on finishing up.
  15. Inject

    Great work man, I love this style of signatures.