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  1. Amazing update, Can now satisfy my gambling urges on my ironman 😄
  2. Next payday i will send some money into the foundation. This is such a wonderful and neat idea
  3. welcome back man i remeber seeing your name a few times back when i played as Zulrak. hope you enjoy being back . Hmu ingame anytime
  4. Price guide's are hard to keep ontop of as items are constantly changing daily with pricing.
  5. ironman need to grind hard for there stuff. so helps them progress in case said monster they need is unavailable. i mean its not exactly a needed thing. but would be a nice feature to see come back in case it is needed.
  6. What's the current issue? Abit outdated What's your suggested way of fixing it? Change it to fit to today's way of Dreamscape317 (newer bosses added, unneeded bosses Removed, more kills per enter, those sort of things. Also add a portal to home for easy access for irons. How will this benefit player/server? Will fully benefit the ironman as it was intended to do. How could this be expanded in future? See Above What negative effect could this have? There Ironman so it should not have any effect. just remove any option to remove the ironman mode. or if they do they forfei
  7. Forum hate's me, wont even let me change my pfp😪

  8. was Super am now sponsor so editing this
  9. Welcome to Dreamscape! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  10. Hey guys, My name is KingCyrus.. i am 26 years old with 2 kids and a soon to be wife. I am been in and out of the RSPS scene for quite some time, i was once known as Zulrak but come to acquire another alias. (aka DeadlyCyrus or KingCyrus). I have done some work in the rsps scene when i was huge into graphics. i am currently out of commission as i had to sell my Designing PC for bills as i wasnt making enough or anything really off design's recently. so im limited to my Wifes laptop 😛 i am a huge stoner.. Bong tokes and Dabs as we speak lol Any fellow
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