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    Anything Marijuana & Video Game's .... Cant Forget Graphic Design.

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  1. Forum hate's me, wont even let me change my pfp😪

  2. Appreciate the thought man! i am pretty set so far, good progress for my first report. wich is going to be released soon.
  3. Thank's i havent slept yet since i made the account so hoping my first Progress report is a nice juicy one.
  4. Super Donor Rank, Doesnt Show cause im ironman but there is the Donor interface.
  5. |Donation Goal's| Green = Completed | Yellow = In Progress • Reg Donor($3) • Super Donor($5) • Shadow Pet Goodiebox($30) (My Juicy loot) • $50 • 100 • 150 • 200 • 500+
  6. |My Epic Drop's & NetWorth| ~ Drop's & Bank Note's Posted Here ~ Drop Log's Wont Be Super Updated Due To Forgetting To Screenie Them.
  7. Created: 2021-01-16(11:30 pm EST) ~ Will Be Posting Nightly Report's ~ ~ Credit To DreamScape317 For The Divider's ~ Welcome to my ironman progression thread, for those of you that don't know me i use to go by the name Zulrak. I have been apart of DreamScape on and off since the start of 2016. I recently found interest to come back and put out some massive gain's.. i started out as a normal account and grew bored of it. Now i am creating an ironman and will be focusing purely on the account Cryptogen. Each log i make wi
  8. Most of my time is spent afking in random spots and dieing to round 49 arcade cause **** raiden. Thats my day normally
  9. Welcome to Dreamscape! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  10. Hey guys, My name is KingCyrus.. i am 26 years old with 2 kids and a soon to be wife. I am been in and out of the RSPS scene for quite some time, i was once known as Zulrak but come to acquire another alias. (aka DeadlyCyrus or KingCyrus). I have done some work in the rsps scene when i was huge into graphics. i am currently out of commission as i had to sell my Designing PC for bills as i wasnt making enough or anything really off design's recently. so im limited to my Wifes laptop 😛 i am a huge stoner.. Bong tokes and Dabs as we speak lol Any fellow
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