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  1. Sitn

    Yep, Gene is doing an amazing job!
  2. Sitn

    dope update just came back from a break !
  3. Amazing update !! i was waiting for this one ty ❤️
  4. cant wait for the full update this looks awesome!
  5. Sitn

    100% looking forward to this!!
  6. Amazing update keep up the good works bois <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  7. wow platinum looks so worth it i might have to go for it in the future 😛
  8. bruh this drop party thing added into the game is the greatest place added <3
  9. Really nice and clean update keep up the good works bois!! ❤️
  10. Sitn

    i vouch for this. I do think the Eco is messed up with prices and everything as of now its more of a pw2 no hate to the server no ❤️
  11. Not to bad of an idea. its lit but hopefully it works tho
  12. Sitn

    Keep up the grinding 👍
  13. My pet connor ate my homework :P

    1. Australia




      i did eat it 

  14. WOW what an amazing update #DSGANG!!
  15. WOW might get Plat seems worth it 😛

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