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  1. Hello, i would like to suggest a in game instant price check. Where you type a command (::PC), get a menu with top searched items as well as searching a item by name with market prices of the item with out having to go to the market. A lot of people do price checks often. I think it would be a nice future to add in
  2. not sure if it's possible but can we have a real time live updated price guide. some items have a in game price when you look up the item on wiki and say 10m. but people are asking 100m because that is "current"
  3. As the title says, people just call me Katt. I live alone with my pup. I work 6 days a week and try to stream on twitch as a hobby. I am pretty new to the whole runescape thing. but slowly learning. If anyone is down to group up or anything let me know. Like this way more than the real game. Keep up the great work DS!
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