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  1. I totally back the whole revamp idea, but with a community poll as to what's in the shop and prices,etc. great opportunity for community input and interaction imo
  2. I agree it is quite a jump between these weapons
  3. it's what happens when you combine a knowledgeable and friendly, professional staff roster. #dsgang
  4. Hope all works out, staff is pretty responsive regarding help tickets, so Fingers crossed 🤞
  5. Good concept, wouldn't totally be against it if it were to be implemented. +1
  6. Not a whole lot more I can add to OP. DS was the very first RSPS/RS Related thing I even ATTEMPTED to get into after a looooooong 5+ year break from the game in it's entirety, and I instantly knew that I wouldn't be needing to scroll through any top lists for a backup server to fall to in case DS didn't meet my expectations/hopes. Remains the only server I play, and consistently do, every day. I make it somewhat of a priority and point to log in every day and Vote in order to support this awesome community-based, fun server. Keep up the excellent work, Dreamscape Team! Expect to see me ar
  7. Not really bossing, but camping Penguins at ::mbox for a few hours, hording the boxes and c keys, and selling either loot or the drops themselves to the black market dealer npc @ ::shops. That's how I got a decent cash stack of ~30m-ish when I first started. Hope it helps. 🤙
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