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  1. I agree I love the community and players. The few unique things that this server offers are what keep me coming but I would like to see revamped raids and new content added!
  2. I actually made a elo post before and I totally agree with you. I think that your idea is good but I think the values might be too high
  3. I have a lot of raising damage by getting an infinity aura, upgrade my staff and other equipment, and raise my elo
  4. I wanted to make this post for those who might be loosing hope when grinding bosses. I also got an Ikkle hydra a few kills before getting ferocious gloves. I have heard of people getting fero in 1000+kc. It took me 686 kc. Thanks to those that congratulated me.
  5. Hi my name is Bittermelon! My irl name is Jason. I joined the server a few days ago and have been playing nonstop. I even donated too and I have never used money for any game in my life. 😄 It's a great custom server with a lot of custom components that attracted me. I hope to have fun with yall and interact with the community.
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