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  1. Hello Jerermy, hope you have fun here and feel free to pm me if you need help with anything
  2. The universe ring is obtainable from the Dc universe boxes. You can do ::wiki and search for Universe ring
  3. I support the suggestion. @rollin 60s Mostly for skotizo keys.
  4. what nutella said, make a ticket at ::support.
  5. Hey Webmaster, welcome to Dreamscape, glad you like it. Feel free to pm me in-game if you have any questions or wanna boss sometime
  6. Also, Vorkath / Skotizo / Alchemical Hydra are pretty good at money making, and make sure to join nightmare masses 2m + per kill
  7. Cherie and Gene = Amazing combo =]
  8. Ey dude, welcome back. Make sure to do a support ticket, and try to find out why your account has been deleted. Aslo if you need help or wanna do bosses shoot me a pm in-game Have fun!
  9. Hey kittykatt, welcome in DS. If you need help or you need someone to talk feel free to pm me in-game. We'll have a great time
  10. Hey Mason Welcome back. I'm happy to help with anything you need, feel free to add me
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