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  1. PoonSlayer.

    Can confirm glitchy raids menu, i assume it has something to do with the command blocks in the raids?
  2. PoonSlayer.

    This server has many if not all great staff members always willing to have a great time with the Ds community =p
  3. PoonSlayer.

    Make a new account like I told you a long time ago and you would have gotten the drop already XD
  4. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! #DSGANG

  5. PoonSlayer.

    Name: Michael Age: 25 Country and Timezone: Usa-Florida; Est. In-Game Username: PoonSlayer Forums Username: PoonSlayer. Proof of days Played: https://i.gyazo.com/d5c333ac9f85b6f576adc5ce4bd5854c.png How often are you active in-game and on forums, Discord? Everyday, more then 12 hours a day even though disc is dead most of the time. Why do you want this position? This would be my foot back in the door of the Dreamscape team. I used to be on the news team back in the day with Feeds and Engy. I've been spending a lot of time on Ds and I see a lot of things that go on and would love to record them and add them to the ever so missed dreamers monthly =p What would you bring to the Dreamers Monthly? While I am online I would not only record all the amazing things that happen in Ds, such as donos and drops, but i would go around to players and conduct interviews and gain information about what the current player base is interested in and hungry for in Ds. As well as ask around to find any specific players that people think should gain some recognition from the community. Ex. The ::merrit system. Are you willing to go out of your comfort zone? Always do. Only way to live life to the fullest! #DSGANG!
  6. PoonSlayer.

    I think you should ask Gene and Cheri for pics they would want in an ad like this imo. Unless you have already discussed this with them. Other then that i think it should mention something about Ds being the most custom Rsps but that my opinion. Thanks for the preview 😃 Keep up the great work DsGang!
  7. PoonSlayer.

    I agree with Vaider, The Sponsor cape/rank seems to be fine the way it is at the moment. I understand where you are coming from with the fact that it is the same that it was all those years ago. But i do believe that the addition of the Exec and Plat ranks make the Sponsor rank more of a stepping stone to those ranks. Rather then an end game rank as it used to be. You can still do a lot of work in the Sponsor zone.
  8. Bump. Even with Agro effect 2.5m kills is aids imo. Just make it simple, for most of the weps you can Bp they are not high aoe so its crazy to get 2.5m npc kills.
  9. PoonSlayer.

    Good luck! Dc arcades are a great way to get some cash! =p
  10. PoonSlayer.

    Working on this progression guide atm. Will be out soon hopefully depending on how much time i have over the next week
  11. Anyone talented feel like hooking me up with an amazing signature? <3

  12. PoonSlayer.

    I agree the spider room is pretty much as long as the rest of the raid. It is very tedious and boring. The loot from tob is barley coming into the game besides from donation boxes. Id love to see more tob drops seeing how the tob point system doesnt work atm!
  13. PoonSlayer.

    Ive spent too many days on Ds lol. all i can say is #Dsgang 4 Life!
  14. PoonSlayer.

    Im with the top now 😁 Plat:

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