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  1. Please Please Please Please!! When i have 1000+ boxes that i will never open without a feature like this lmao
  2. Amazing Guide Dunnoi! Glad to see you took all you have learned about the beginnings of Ds!~ Should totally apply to be a wiki member! ❤️
  3. I agree, maybe just a new map because bg has been in the game so long but othe then that Bg is great already and would be amazing to see more Bg events!
  4. Way better then the old home and i really enjoy the amount of room there is for tons of activities! =p
  5. PoonSlayer.

    Great game

    There are tons of ways to make some good cash in Ds with 0 reqs. Available from the creation of a new acc =p
  6. Glad to have you around! The Ds staff are definitely some of the greatest people you will meet around! As you may already know the community is just as amazing =p Cya around Ds!
  7. Glad to have you around Ds Andrew! It was a pleasure meeting you on your first day and i hope to see you around for a long time to come! #DSGANG!
  8. I agree, But this could also be combatted with letting the players know by a notification or something that they should only prestige maybe once or they will get some bosses that will take very long at their beginner level.
  9. I agree. Should either add Dr or more Dmg % bonus or hidden set dmg % bonus to the set
  10. Great idea! I do believe this could be abused and maybe should be limited to trades and not pos transactions
  11. The "::wiki getting started" has a pretty great progression guide on there imo. But yes i see how there could be the need for a specific go to "this is what you should go for next" type of thing.
  12. Amazing idea. I can visualize this perfectly in my head. I would love to see this added to the ::wiki or maybe even have its own page!
  13. Glad to see an Og player back to Ds! Welcome back Epok!
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