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  1. Fyzix

    Agreed. Would love having dps aswell as dr/ddr on the same set. i would love to see this type of change for skotizo and/or poseidon set aswell.
  2. Fyzix

    +1, i like this. Would also love to see a change to the slayer shop to make it a more viable money maker.
  3. Fyzix

    Yeah nah. Maybe if youre sponsor+ but otherwise no.
  4. Fyzix

    Welp, the owner cape bought from scavenger shop is meh tho. And for the Owner Cape wiki. instead of mentioning what it doesnt work on. why not mention what it works on instead?
  5. Fyzix

    Yeah, not being teleported to the chest every second sure would be nice. i do not agree with making ult tri gloves/boots untradeable tho.
  6. Agreed. 1k hydras 1k dc arcades and 500 ToB's is a big enough grind by itself. To get an understanding on how overkill the 2,5m npc kill requirement is, just have a look at the npc kills leaderboard. theres not alot of ppl other then then the top 10 that has 2.5m+ npc kills. Its unrealistic.
  7. Fyzix

    Username: FyzixRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  8. Fyzix

    10/10 im with Jon on this one. The Nycolas room is truly horrendous, would love to see it reworked and spark ToB back to life.
  9. Fyzix

    Yes i agree, id like to see some kind of buff for it. Considering its rarity its pretty meh.
  10. Fyzix

    Yes yes, very good 10/10
  11. Yes, me gusta. I like. Keep it up!
  12. Nice! i am flabbergasted, cant wait.

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