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  1. I like it, some auto highalch type of deal for all the random junk drops so u atleast get something out of em.👍
  2. Doubt we need dmg buff with a slayer helm considering we already have damage buff from slayer by prestiging. But other then that im with you.
  3. Would be nice with hns events, something that doesnt rely on discord. Personally i never participate in events cause the discord chat gives me a headache. to many ppl talking at the same time, and cba muting everyone.
  4. Agreed. Would love having dps aswell as dr/ddr on the same set. i would love to see this type of change for skotizo and/or poseidon set aswell.
  5. +1, i like this. Would also love to see a change to the slayer shop to make it a more viable money maker.
  6. Agreed. 1k hydras 1k dc arcades and 500 ToB's is a big enough grind by itself. To get an understanding on how overkill the 2,5m npc kill requirement is, just have a look at the npc kills leaderboard. theres not alot of ppl other then then the top 10 that has 2.5m+ npc kills. Its unrealistic.
  7. Username: FyzixRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  8. 10/10 im with Jon on this one. The Nycolas room is truly horrendous, would love to see it reworked and spark ToB back to life.
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