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  1. Triabane

    didn't know the event existed only fp,dd, and karoake have been available on my playtime from 10am est - 2 or 3 am est.
  2. not sure if this has come up I would be interested in seeing housing and being able to get trophies to put up from bosses could have a whole new drop option for tons of things.
  3. Triabane

    name: Triabane Rank: Platinum partner
  4. Triabane

    What is the content called riddles in the dark How does it work? event manager gives a hint about location first person to trade event manager gets a small prize. What rewards does it give? event boxes or seasonal gb grand prize could be for voting during event. How will it benefit server/players? interaction with people more events means more activity and a pinata party at the end would mean people have a reason to come even if they don't get any riddles correct. How could it be expanded in the future? a pinata party after or could even run like trivia where even a helper could host it. could conclude with a pvm event like nightmare. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) can't think of any drawbacks to this other than it would take time to do the event even if the event had a winner every minute event boxes aren't a huge cost and would encourage people to do something new. if you need a list of riddles I would be more than willing to make up a list of about 60 - 70 riddles you could generically use for the event I am sure others could come up with some good riddles as well:).
  5. Triabane

    I love most foods but if I could have anything I wanted and not die from eating it would probably be cheesecake. I also love a good brisket Rudy's has amazing brisket but they don't have them on the east coast so I make my own if you'd like pics let me know my current gf makes tons of different dishes for me so I am spoiled with good home made meals lately. Also a huge sushi junky but sashimi is all I can have on keto.
  6. Triabane

    63 s heavyweight diesel mechanic thanks for the warm welcome
  7. Triabane

    Hi all not sure how many will read this introduction so to any that take the time to do so thanks. I have played rs on and off since osrs wasn't called osrs. I live alone with my service dog was formerly in the US army and am a disabled veteran. I like more things than I hate am currently on keto. I love anime probably a bit too much. I was formerly in an alternative rock band in the UK we recorded one single and then the band kind of disappeared. I still write music and also am working on a book but usually I find it easier to play games than to real world it. If you enjoy any anime and want a new friend feel free to add me :).
  8. The anti afk thing is that what makes my toon say dsgang till I type in chat? Just wondering as the first time it happened I was terrified. Also really enjoying the server it is a lot of fun.

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