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  1. I believe that for weapon battle pass t10 2.5m npc kills is way too much, even plats are having a hard time killing that amount. It is also unfair for non plat players doing this task since there are not much muti attack zones. Another thing I think something should be added to the donator shop. The Executive totem should be added. I'm talking about the shop that takes the 5 dollar bonds with this I can see people buying more donations and spending more money since you don't have to spent $575 at one go and slowly accumulate the donator tickets to buy it.
  2. I did it took a little bit but was fun kinda =D
  3. codebad

    What is the content called Requesting items for a curtain price How does it work? The POS should add a request item slot for example Buying BFG9k for 250m and a player can see if and sell it to them with a click of a button. What rewards does it give? Easier to buy and sell items How will it benefit server/players? ECO would be more stable rather than fluctuating prices How could it be expanded in the future? Better ECO Happy Players What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Merching items would be harder
  4. codebad

    I have been jailed while in dream land. I do not bot or use auto clickers which what the jailers are meant to catch is the jailer bugged or something? I was literally afk for 30 secs to pee
  5. I Started playing this server not so long ago maybe 2 weeks or so. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this game because of my Yolo bank FP's losing it 4 times in a roll but some how I end up reinstalling and playing again. I probability spent more than 5 hrs playing
  6. codebad

    I believe some daily event's should be updated such as AFK island and Battle Grounds. A large amount of players do not utilized AFK island and participate in battlegrounds.

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