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  1. Big Hater

    Thanks everyone, I hope you are all having fun!
  2. This looks interesting! Always neat to see unique updates.
  3. Big Hater

    I really enjoy a lot of the unique PvM. I feel a lot of it is outdated and could use some updating. But, the majority of the game has been fun.
  4. Big Hater

    Hello! Welcome to DreamScape! Hope you enjoy!
  5. Big Hater

    Username: Big Hater Rank In-game: Super Donator Proof:
  6. Big Hater

    Hello! I have been playing Dreamscape for a few weeks now. I played the game around 2015 and then again a couple of years ago. I'm now back and have been enjoying a lot of the updates that have occurred since I last played. I've noticed a lot of great new things, but also a lot of outdated things. However, the game has been extremely fun so far! ABOUT ME I enjoy PvM, mainly bossing. I used to lead a PvM clan on a popular RSPS that has been shut down. I've held staff ranks on a couple of popular servers under a different name, as well. I am from America and work full time, but still try to find time to be a GAMER. I hope everyone enjoys DS. #DSGANG!!!

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