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  1. Time for my goodbye. I've enjoyed my 6+ months of coming back and going hard on the grind and becoming a legacy host! I sadly have lost my TD/Legacy rank to becoming very busy IRL and understandable after haven't being on in probably close to a month and not communicating well with Alieni, he took my rank away. Which I'm not mad about by any means, but I think it was actually a good thing seeing as I needed to step away from the game anyway for my real life problems. Thank you @Alieni for believing in me to become a legacy host and I'm sorry I let you down. Thank you @DRAX for alwa
  2. Woo the Quantum boots retexture suggestion made it through 😄 For such a tiny update, it's still back full of stuff! Awesome update man as usually!
  3. Retexture or upgrade honestly. Whichever makes the most sense honestly
  4. Sick update! That Thumper looks insanely good :o, if anyone uh *cough* wants to donate in my name I wouldn't be mad *cough*
  5. Just a thought for consistency besides arcade capes, but why make not quantum boots have the space effect instead of infernal effect? Would like to know other's opinion on this, but I would like to see Space Quantum boots. Edit: Edited title for more clarity of what I was going for.
  6. That is a really good idea, new players won't feel like the game is broken and will actually have a higher chance to stick around if they enjoy it. Vouch vouch vouch!
  7. Oh 100% vouch without a doubt. Very few people ever want to buy a single piece of a set. So being able to pack it up to sell it in the POS when you're asleep is perfect. Hopefully this gets implemented soon!
  8. WELCOME! Hope to see your main unlocked soon and see you back to cleaning people! 😄
  9. I did it mom, I got TD 😄 Awesome read! Congrats to everyone!
  10. What the heck! I can't wait for my custom rewards from comp season to come in! I want to try out the new Avengers raid so badly! Awesome update again!!!
  11. What a sick update, I honestly can't wait to start grinding for devious on my ironman now!
  12. I'm going to go with no and here's why. There are not enough bots out there to have a real impact on the competitive leaderboards. The current rank 1 for overall skill level works his ass off. Also on top of that, botting is allowed in the rules of Dreamscape. It's a competition to get first place within in-game rules. Are there really any truly efficient bots? I doubt a bot could do any skill as fast as me/faster, plus there are skills like scavenger/gambling that there are no bots for. Now I'm not saying people can't make these bots, but for someone to put in the time and effort
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