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  1. We Back Yeet

    Time for my goodbye. I've enjoyed my 6+ months of coming back and going hard on the grind and becoming a legacy host! I sadly have lost my TD/Legacy rank to becoming very busy IRL and understandable after haven't being on in probably close to a month and not communicating well with Alieni, he took my rank away. Which I'm not mad about by any means, but I think it was actually a good thing seeing as I needed to step away from the game anyway for my real life problems. Thank you @Alieni for believing in me to become a legacy host and I'm sorry I let you down. Thank you @DRAX for always answering my questions even when they were dumb and for help with competitive seasons. I loved the grind and sad to see what happened to this last one. Thank you @808raptor for being my dad and a really awesome dude. Thank you @Feeds for also being my dad and for the nutty deals whenever I donated 😄. Thank you @HC Canada for always keeping me company at the dicezone late at night when it was pretty much just us. Thank you @hc spiderman for being just being a cool ass dude, I'm going to miss the "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet", but here's one more spideyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Anyone's name I have forgotten, please don't take it personal. I would like to thank everyone that has ever impacted the way I do anything on DS. I've enjoyed my time and I came back after two years last time. I'll probably be back one day . Thanks for reading! Enjoy your time on this server guys! #DSGANG -Yeet
  2. We Back Yeet

    Forum Username: We Back Yeet Rank Requesting: Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: 50 Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation: https://gyazo.com/801b2ff0f7f41ff8d1002611142fd2a5
  3. We Back Yeet

    This is why I wanted to combine items. I already asked two months ago and he said probably no and it is a hassle when one of them isn't able to be used in a certain area. Also it would keep the Space Invader pet still needed to make the new item. It's not making the space invader pet useless and it's not over buffing XP rates because it wouldn't stack with the pet.
  4. What's the current issue? Sorry for the trash title, but pretty much I'm trying to brainstorm what could we do to replace the Space Invader Jr for Wilderness Agility. With the removal of being able to use pets, you lose a 2x experience boost from the pet. Now you may say that 2x isn't that much, but when without the pet lamping agility becomes more viable. That's an issue in my eyes. The reason on why it's an issue is because very few skills actually benefit from using lamps post nerf (In terms of time to collect the lamps from ::donorboss compared to the time it takes to train the skill). Agility wasn't one of them pre-pets not allowed in the wildy.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Making a 4x XP item that doesn't stack with the Space Invader Jr Pet. Now my idea is, since the Space Invader Jr Pet shouldn't just be useless, how about we combine the Third-Eye Aura or the Double Xp Ring with the pet to give the 4x item respectively. An even better thought, mix them all together to get a 6x xp item, either being a ring or aura, but I'm more looking for a 4x that involves mixing the Pet + either Aura or Ring. If the 4x were to happen, then that item would NOT stack with the pet and if it was the 6x then it would NOT stack with the pet and either the aura or ring, depending on which slot is used. Example, say the Pet, ring, and aura are all combined to make a 6x xp aura, then the the 6x aura would not stack with the ring and pet as the aura slot is taken. Same thing with the 6x xp ring except it doesn't stack with the aura and pet since the ring slot is taken.How will this benefit player/server? It will benefit the players who actually are looking to skill in the wilderness (which is niche I know) and don't want to take a hit on experience due to pets not being allowed in the wilderness.How could this be expanded in future? Well if the 4x is made, it could be expanded into a 6x in the future. I'm not quite sure on how much further it could go honestly.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) The only negative effect I can think of is if the coding wasn't done 100% and the pet ended up stacking with the 4x or 6x item. Then there would be an extreme boost in XP, but otherwise I don't think there is/can be one. If you think of one please let me know 😄.
  5. We Back Yeet

    Insane guide! Keep up the work man, this should help all the new players 😄
  6. We Back Yeet

    Woo the Quantum boots retexture suggestion made it through 😄 For such a tiny update, it's still back full of stuff! Awesome update man as usually!
  7. We Back Yeet

    Retexture or upgrade honestly. Whichever makes the most sense honestly
  8. Sick update! That Thumper looks insanely good :o, if anyone uh *cough* wants to donate in my name I wouldn't be mad *cough*
  9. We Back Yeet

    Congrats to everyone and RIP Spidey XD
  10. We Back Yeet

    Just a thought for consistency besides arcade capes, but why make not quantum boots have the space effect instead of infernal effect? Would like to know other's opinion on this, but I would like to see Space Quantum boots. Edit: Edited title for more clarity of what I was going for.
  11. We Back Yeet

    That is a really good idea, new players won't feel like the game is broken and will actually have a higher chance to stick around if they enjoy it. Vouch vouch vouch!
  12. We Back Yeet

    Oh 100% vouch without a doubt. Very few people ever want to buy a single piece of a set. So being able to pack it up to sell it in the POS when you're asleep is perfect. Hopefully this gets implemented soon!
  13. We Back Yeet

    WELCOME! Hope to see your main unlocked soon and see you back to cleaning people! 😄
  14. We Back Yeet

    I did it mom, I got TD 😄 Awesome read! Congrats to everyone!

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